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Skokomish entries however are comparatively few, numbering 22 for the 157 plants discussed. Lecture 10 February 4, 2013 3 / 51. Himalayan birch is the most widely grown of the birch species in the Pacific Northwest and is greatly prized for its distinctive white bark which makes it a welcome addition during the darker days of winter. (Ay-ser Ser-sin-AY-tum) Names: “Vine” Maple, although not really a vine, has very slender, often sprawling, branches. Gunther, Erna, 1973, Ethnobotany of Western Washington, Seattle. The most memorable stands that I have seen are probably those on the southern approaches to the summit of Mt. Journal of Forestry. Acorns and camus were gathered from inland and eaten. They used blackberry tea for curing diarrhea and soothing swollen tissues and joints. Erna Gunther’s “Ethnobotany of Western Washington” was the first and is still an often used resource on the use of plants by Pacific Northwest natives. Achillea millefolium L. - Yarrow; GEOG 404 Space and Power; Indigenous Mapping; Student Maps; Uni 101 ; Resources. Tarrant, Robert F.; Isaac, Leo A.; Chandler, Robert F., Jr. 1951. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Lecture 10 February 4, 2013 2 / 51 . 1. Text boxes support partials, so "americ" in the Genus species box can bring up Lysichoton americanus.. New Search - … Sugar maple Sugar palms and other lesser sugar plants Shipunov (MSU) Ethnobotany. I recently completed a Master's Degree in Ethnobotany because I wanted to understand how the Aboriginal Peoples of the Pacific Northwest sustainably manage(d) their food systems. 1; 2; 3; next › last » News. Posted on July 15, 2014. … ES 421 - Ethnobotany: Plants and Human Cultures (2016) » Plant Profiles - Ethnobotany; English Ivy . Of interest to pharmaceutical, nutritional, and biomedical research, as well alternative therapies and herbal products. Lecture 15 September 30, 2016 2 / 57. In the 1930’s, she interviewed both women and men. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sugar maple Shipunov (MSU) Ethnobotany. The North Creek wetland is 58 acres and is one of the largest restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest. To soothe bleeding gums, they used to chew the leaves. Jan 21, 2014 - Explore Angela Hooley's board "Ethnobotany and Foraging" on Pinterest. 41.00 51.00 54.00 58.62 64.00 90.00 Grades: F D C B max 44 52 59 67 74 Shipunov (MSU) Ethnobotany. Ethnobotany Observations. Start studying Ethnobotany Quiz: Scientific Names. Native American Ethnobotany (University of Michigan - Dearborn) (ACCI) USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information System (ACCI) Related Websites; AL-University of Alabama at Huntville (ACCI) CA-Calflora Database (ACCI) CA-Theodore Payne Foundation Native … Legumes Lentils, Lens culinaris Legumes Lentils, Lens culinaris Shipunov (MSU) Ethnobotany. This condensed list of western Washington plants was created by Scott Clay-Poole, PhD. Western Redcedar (Thuga plicata)Common name(s): Western redcedar Scientific Name(s): Thuga plicata Island Hulkemel’em Name(s): xpéy' Family: Cupressaceae Caution(s): some people experience an allergic reaction to the strong aromatic oils in Western redcedar. Revised edition, page 40 Acer circinatum Pursh Vine Maple USDA ACCI: Clallam Food, Dried Food Sap eaten dried. The Cherokee used this plant for treating an upset stomach. Native American Ethnobotany Publication Author Moerman. [83176] 200. Vine Maple Thompson - Fiber, Snow Gear Use documented by: Steedman, E.V., 1928, The Ethnobotany of the Thompson Indians of British Columbia, SI-BAE Annual Report #45:441-522, page 498 View all documented uses for Acer circinatum Pursh. Summer camps had huts constructed with grass and tule … These leaves have a soft fuzzy touch to each side, a feature only the thimbleberry has in the Rubus genus and are 10-20cm across. Pages in category "Ethnobotany" This category contains only the following page. ES 421 - Ethnobotany: Plants and Human Cultures (2016) Plant Profiles - Ethnobotany. Plants used strictly for medicinal purposes are not listed on the next sheets. Camas and roots of black fern and skunk cabbage were dug for food. Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and Red Maple (Acer rubrum) are most commonly tapped, but several other species of maple as well as birch, walnut, and hickory can also be used. Students will switch presentors so they continue their circle back to the Pavillion where they start. Women knew the food and medicinal plants; men knew the materials in nets, fishing gear, and woodworking. A computerized sorting system was developed to handle pertinent information associated with these names and their corresponding plant types. Oregon. Max. University of Washington Press. The carrot family (Apiaceae) has many plants useful to humans, such as carrots, parsley, fennel, and dill. It is a small, usually multi-stemmed tree or shrub. "The most important shrubs associated with coastal Douglas-fir (Franklin and Duyrness 1973) through its central and northern range are vine maple (Acer circinatum), salal (Gaultheria shallon), Pacific rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum), Oregon grape (Berberis nervosa), red huckleberry (Vaccinium parvifolium), and salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis). Community Mapping Game; INSTRUCTIONS -> HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE -> Open Outreach Drupal; How To Upload Images; Adding Photos ; Adding Videos; Give Your Webpage Style! Search results can be downloaded in PDF or spreadsheet form. It is the intent of this paper to present a list of corresponding Skokomish plant names. 1st Qu. Page numbers refer to botanic entries in Gunther's work. Plant names in three Pacific Northwest Indian languages -- Haida (Skidegate and Masset dialects), Bella Coola, and Lillooet (Fraser River "dialect") -- were analyzed semantically and taxonomically. Achillea millefolium L. - Yarrow; GEOG 404 Space and Power; Indigenous Mapping; Student Maps; Uni 101; Resources. Many plants included in thefollowing pages, however, were used medicinally as well. English Ivy . X) Posted on 06.11.2020 by jyquh. Scientific name: Acer circinatum Pursh USDA symbol: ACCI (View details at USDA PLANTS site) Common names: Vine Maple Family: Aceraceae … Range. These are nettle, wild Ethnobotany of Western Washington the Knowledge and Use of Indigenous Plants by Native Americans (Publications in Anthropology Series No. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Berries and greens were picked. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. [8179] 201. D. Publisher Timber Press. Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical databases facilitate in-depth plant, chemical, bioactivity, and ethnobotany searches using scientific or common names. Washington Native Plant Society. Search Native Plants Directory. Vine Maple Bellflower Showy Goldenrod Nootka Rose Himalayan Birch Betula jacquemonteii Tree. San Jacinto, where trees of exceptional size and age can be found. Lecture 15 September 30, 2016 3 / 57 . Licorice Fern (p. 13) ~., w sA~wi' 13 q 2. Circinatum refers to the […] Houses were constructed of cedar and mats of grass or tule were used throughout houses for door, wall, and floor coverings. An all-natural cough syrup to heal sore throats can be made from blackberry root mixed with honey or maple syrup. Alder (genus Alnus) (5118383762).jpg 1,200 × … 23(9): 1775-1780. Digging sticks and bows were made of vine maple and yew. Plant Profiles - Ethnobotany: 2017: Red Huckleberry: 2017: Salal : 2017: Scouler's Willow: 2017: Sitka Spruce- Picea sitchensis: 2017: Skunk Cabbage: 2017: Sword Fern: 2017: Tall Oregon Grape : 2017: Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus) 2017: Vine Maple: 2017: Black Cottonwood: 2016: 2016: COMMUNITY MAPPING COURSES -> 2016 : Pages. Submitted by plantprofiles on Thu, 11/30/2017 - 2:08pm. These branches often root to produce new trees, creating dense thickets underneath the shade of taller conifers. 3 types of fiddleheads (5813837883).jpg 1,000 × 667; 209 KB. Ethnobotany of Western Washington UWPA, vo, l. 10, N0.1, pp.621-, Oct. 1945, Seattle, Wn. Start studying Ethnobotany. Taking a closer look at five native plants ( Western Red Cedar , Douglas Fir , Salal , Vine Maple , and Western Sword Fern ) and their uses gives us a true appreciation for them and encourages us … A reasonably common and distinctive tree throughout its range. Vine Maple USDA ACCI: Chehalis Other, Hunting & Fishing Item Used to make the wattleworks of fish traps. See more ideas about Foraging, Wild food, Wild foraging. 70's mushrooms (4063595184).jpg 426 × 500; 152 KB. Ethnobotany is the study of the relationship between cultures and plants. G. User:Gtaf/Ethnobotanique en Tunisie; Media in category "Ethnobotany" The following 190 files are in this category, out of 190 total. Posted in Ethnobotany, SW Oregon Athabaskan, Uncategorized | Tagged Darlingtonia | Leave a comment. Year 1998 ISBN 0-88192-453-9 Description Very comprehensive but terse guide to the native uses of plants. Results of Exam 1: statistic summary Summary: Min. … Establishment of salmonberry, salal, vine maple, and bigleaf maple seedlings in the coastal forests of Oregon. General Description. I learned that my Vine Maple experiment failed because I improperly tapped the tree, at the wrong time of the year. Vine Maple The Maple Family–Aceraceae Acer circinatum Pursh. Community Mapping Game; INSTRUCTIONS -> HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE -> Open Outreach Drupal; How To Upload Images; Adding Photos; Adding Videos; Give Your Webpage Style! "Ethnobotany of Western Washington" has been the leading source of information on that subject. Find information on plants in these categories: • Herbs • Shrubs/Trees • Conifers • Ferns & Fern-Allies • Lichens • Citations & References The plants are listed by scientific name and common name. Ethnobotany Two presenters Each presenter will travel one side of the park meeting at the Old Yale Road entrance. Ethnobotany is the study of native plant and native people relationships. The leaves of the thimbleberry are 3-7 lobed resembling a maple leaf shape with a green top and slightly white underneath. Observations on litter fall and foliage nutrient content of some Pacific northwest tree species. 49: 914-915. It also happens to contain some poisonous plants. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Excellent bibliography, fully referenced to each plant, giving a … ES 421 - Ethnobotany: Plants and Human Cultures (2016) Plant Profiles - Ethnobotany.

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