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With 26 distinct tribes and over 100 sub-tribes, different tribes of this state wear different types of costumes. You'll get a map of the local cities, including information on each town. It is topped off by a full-sleeves close-fitting jacket around the waist. Spread over 36 islands surrounded by lagoon covering 4200, it’s a lovely place to be for a vacation. The administrative center is Kavaratti. Although, slight influences of the Islamic culture can be seen in the headdresses worn by them. Special occasions see the women dress in heavy fabrics with floral motifs. Although over, their style of dressing can be classified as being a lot more elaborate and fancier than that which is seen in other parts of Lakshwadeep. The Lakshadweep Tourism Resort at Kadmat served buffet meals, which are essential Kerala in nature. The embellishments on the garments are unique to this region and have seen no influence from the southern states. Serving food in a plantain leaf especially for the guests is a traditional practice which is still followed. Cities in Lakshadweep. A variety of seashells are available in the vast beaches and shores of the Lakshadweep Islands. Dancers used to wear the traditional dress of Minicoy women. The clothing styles and costumes of Lakshadweep can be categorized based on sex and on the basis of geographical location. The patterns and designs on the costumes are very unique and colourful. The traditional dress of the women comprises of a skirt, shirt, waistcoat, and a coat. The people of the island of Minicoy are known as the children of the sea and therefore, their clothes showcase a lot of cool colors like blue and green. Under the robe are garments usually in either green or blue. Not many changes have been seen in the clothing styles of Lakshadweep except for the island of Minicoy. You may likewise have the option to spot intriguing fish and turtles while you are out there. A hand woven Mekhela Chador is an unparalleled pride of Assam. The craftsmen utilize the shells to make beautiful decorative items and ornaments. The rice flour when kneaded is steamed and served hot with green chutney. While the younger generation dresses in trousers, blazers, T-shirts, jackets, shirts and jeans. The fabrics that are used and the daily wear garbs have been adapted to suit the all-year-round humid weather. Kadmat is 8 km long and only 550 metres wide at its broadest point. A Quirky Little Museum. Kavaratti Island serves Malabar-style food, so Malabar chicken and parotta is especially common. The women too wear a thread around the waist that can either be in silver or in gold, wherein the top edge of the kachi is tucked in and secured. At dusk, watch the sun’s dying rays paint the lagoon into unforgettable and dramatic vistas as you stroll along the jetty at Kadmat Island, the only footprints in the sand being your own. Women wear Nav-Vari- a nine inches long sari, usual sarees, Kashti, PanoBhaju and other such traditional outfits. In urban centers and among the younger generation, wearing a shirt over the lungi is preferred. Lakshadweep is the perfect place to luxuriate in pure seclusion. There are different types of shades used to design Kanchi. The performers wear traditional dress of soldiers, hold colourful shields and swords and dance away to glory. Agatti has one of the most beautiful lagoons in Lakshadweep. The traditional dress of Lakshadweep is fairly simple, with men wearing white or coloured lungis with its ends stitched together and women wearing kachi, the unstitched version, around their waists tied in place with silver belts. Alikkath and Koodu are necklaces. The women too wear a thread around the waist that can either be in silver or in gold, wherein the top edge of the kachi is tucked in and secured. These items are very popular among the tourists visiting Lakshadweep. It is believed that the current population of Lakshadweep is descended from those that migrated here from the earliest kingdoms in the Gondwana region, and has very few aboriginal tribes. Manipuris are setting new trends with their ancient and original attires. Lakshadweep, union territory of India that is a group of some three dozen islands scattered over some 30,000 square miles of the Arabian Sea off the southwestern coast of India. You just clipped your first slide! It is similar to the lungi in that it is a rectangular piece of cloth; however, it is unstitched along the edges. However, they are allowed to wear the lungis that resemble the aristocratic kind, but only with special allowance. The girls wear tops, jeans, long and short skirts, Capri’s, etc. The women on the other hand have no such traceable influences on their traditional dress. The front of the jacket is vibrant and embroidered with laces studded with mirror or glass and gilt. It is an interesting ritualistic dance form performed before the deity or near a temple pond. The lungis can be in bright pink, blue, green, black or white that is fastened with a cord at the waist. Kachis are, often made of silk fabric. This tiny coral island is a pit stop/breeding ground for many (over 70 species) migratory birds such as the Terns. Also watch the two gold coins believed to date to 1560. Copyright © Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. For instance, only those among the Thakurfans and Thakurs who have made a sea voyage and those Raveris going through the coming-of-age ceremony can wear this attire. Lakshadweep is the lesser explored between the two archipelagos of India. This dress is made of silk fabric. Turkish woman wearing long anteri (coat) over patterned chalvar (trousers) and backless slippers, c. 1618; in the British Museum, London. Innovations . Travelmath helps you find cities in any state or country. Silk kachis are worn by the women on special occasions like weddings and most of them are red with black borders, as is customary. Traditional costumes of women in Lakshadweep: Women put on Kanchi, a large piece of cloth, unstitched like men. The traditional dress of the women comprises of a skirt, shirt, waistcoat, and a coat. A white cloth is worn as a kamarbandh over the trousers along with a headdress made of red or black cloth with stripes. The Kachi is a traditional garment worn by the women in Lakshadweep. Costumes of Lakshadweep for Women The traditional costume of women comprises of ‘Kachi’, a rectangular piece of cloth, but unstitched unlike that of men. Lakshadweep, formerly the Laccadives, is one of the most spectacular tropical island systems in the world. The traditional and extremely healthy recipe that incorporates rice flour, sesame seeds, garlic, coriander leaves, and spices is one wholesome food. The local food of Lakshadweep primarily comprises of coconut and sea fish. The sides of the lungi as well as the borders have embroidery on it. Lakshadweep being located at a close proximity with Kerala, their cuisines reflect the taste of the inhabitants of that place. Rhikho, another kind of costumes of … The Kachi is a traditional garment worn by the women in Lakshadweep. Kolkali and Parichakali are the two popular folk art forms in the Territory. The top wear of them women consists of a long sleeved, snug-fitting jacket. Not only are these garments made of fine weaves but are also brightly embroidered. The younger generations prefer to wear western outfits like shirts and t-shirts along with trousers or jeans. The archipelago has also seen an inhabitation of the Portuguese as well as Muslims in its rich history. The costumes worn in Lakshwadeep are similar in style to that seen in the southern states of India. For marriages “OPPANA” is a […] In the modern day, there are many important centers within the archipelago. the Thakurfans, Thakurs and Raveris wear trousers and shirts. However the traditional attire of the women comprises of Kachi which envelopes from the waist and tucked into the waistband of silver thread. Because of the muckiness of the weather and the heat, the men do not wear a shirt or any other upper garment to cover their torso. The mosque lacks the typical Islamic minarets and is indeed simple. 10 Best Places to Visit in Lakshadweep. The men typically wear trousers and over it a loose gown tied around the waist with a woollen cloth called patta and a woollen cap. There is certain uniformity in spite of the diversity in the way these women and men don their outfits, which makes their traditional attire and culture even more appealing. However, the silk Kachis commonly come up in red body with contrasting black borders. The lungis too are made of light cotton that will keep them cool. The islands of Lakshadweep are popular for having rich marine life and make a stunning beach destination of India.These beach destinations are frequented for the mesmerizing view of crystal clear waters and coral reefs. The men wear the same dress styles with a slight difference. The 2-storey Golden Jubilee Museum houses a traditional sailboat, old jars, utensils, busts of Buddha and wooden chests recovered during ship-wrecks. The men dress in Pathani suits, Kurta-pajamas, and dhotis. Special occasions too warrant that even the most traditional men wear the finest silk or cotton upper garments they own. Go on a dance tour of Kerala and enjoy the enchanting dances of Kerala along with several other attractions of this heavenly tourist destination. The people of Uttar Pradesh wear a variety of native and Western style dresses. The most common color scheme for a libus is brick red with black stripes. You can use it to look for nearby towns and suburbs if you live in a metropolis area, or you can search for cities near another city, or any airport, zip code, or tourist landmark. Lakshadweep is a union territory located to the west of Kerala in India. They are an integral part of the cultural milieu except in Minicoy where “LAVA” is the most popular dance form. In addition to the beautiful shallow… Direction Share on Facebook Share on Twitter View More . Colorful embroidered tapelines are worn across the ankles. Their main dress is kurta pajama and Punjabi dhoti kurta. Traditional Dresses of Manipur are simple and easy to wear. From the aircraft,… Direction Share on Facebook Share on Twitter View More . It is tucked around the waist. The number of upwards projections in the headdress, that is usually either two or four, indicates the class the wearer belongs to. It only has an opening at the neck where it is fastened with two loops; it also showcases fine embroidery at the neckline. Many young women in these islands are now seen wearing. The best part of Lakshadweep cuisine is that you get the taste of both worlds. Lakshadweep Cuisines mainly comprises of sea fish and coconut. Categories:   Attires, Clothing Styles & Drapes, © 2020 Utsavpedia   All rights reserved | AN INITIATIVE BY UTSAV FASHION, The people of the island have a great inclination towards the coconut water as it is found in abundance in the place. It is stretched from the shoulder to ankle. The general color scheme of the daily wear kachis is either black or white with black borders. Traditional cookware enjoys pride of place in the food of Tamilains with very good reasons. It is similar to the lungi in that it is a rectangular piece of cloth; however, it is unstitched along the edges. The fabrics too are a typically ones that would be expected in the mainland. There is a waist ornament in Minicoy, known as Kodakam or Vola, for ear and wrists. Minicoy is known to have a classist structure of society that determines the dresses they wear. Take out time to also visit the Mohiyudeen Mosque, which is surrounded by palm groves and old tombstones. They also wear a silver or golden thread around their waists in which they can tuck in the lower edges of the lungi. Surprisingly, it is the women in the island of Minicoy who are frugal with jewelry while the rest of the women in the archipelago love ornamentation. Cotton is the usual material for working attire, but fashionable ladies wear a chalvar made from a brocade or silk fabric over linen drawers. Photo Source. Lakshadweep isn’t just about corals and aquatic creatures, but also about several species of birds that are an integral part of this ecosystem which you can observe at the Bird Sanctuary in Pitti. The airport is built on this island. The authentic and traditional dresses of Meghalaya reflect the cultural and social life of the tribal population of the state. The women love to dress up and flaunt their tribal designs in their traditional as well as modern wear. It is enjoyed in the breakfast and mostly the farmers staying in the rural areas have it. Lakshwadeep is one of the two archipelagos in the Indian Territory and lies in the Arabian Sea on the western coast of India. Each has their own distinctive style of dressing. Chandigarh Traditional costumes for men in Chandigarh: In Chandigarh, men follow the traditional attires. Colorful scarf is called as Thattan which is a beautiful headdress. Since most communities are engaged in physically strenuous professions, their garbs are made as such to keep them comfortable. Minicoy. The women in Minicoy wear a long robe, known as the libus, which extends from the shoulder to the ankles. A lungi is essentially a rectangular piece of cloth that is stitched together at the ends. This however, is often seen in the elderly men. Lakshwadeep clothing style (Image: Some of the folk dances have a resemblance with those in North Eastern India. The Nagaland women also wear Neikhro costumes, which designed with embroidery like a petticoat. Guide to places to visit in Lakshadweep. The wear the ornaments made up of coral pieces, chunky bangles, heavy bracelets and pendants, which makes the religious look. There are certain similarities as well as differences in the traditional garments worn by men and women. The shades of Kachis are generally black or white with black borders. Therefore, the customs, traditions, and costumes worn by the people of Lakshadweep is an amalgam of many different cultures that have come together to form their own unique blend. The principal islands in the territory are Minicoy and those in the Amindivi group. Other crafts include those made of coconut shells and tortoise shells. There are other special elements in the dresses of these three classes, however. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. There is archaeological evidence to support the fact that people from the Chera and Chola kingdoms migrated to these islands and settled here. Manikfans are the aristocratic class and although they wear the traditional lungi along with a shirt, they are brightly colored and have certain atypical embellishments on them. They have separate category of costumes for daily wear and occasional wear as well. In Minicoy, the jewelry is indicative of the woman’s class and besides the Manikfans woman, none other is allowed to wear gold jewelry. Their necks, ears and nose are usually adorned with beads, rings, and nose rings made of gold or silver. To justify the flavor of every ingredient present in the dish, people of Lakshadweep also add spices to perfection. The jacket, on the front side, contains fine … The traditional costumes distinctive for its color and patterns. Another important folk dance dress is Bhangra, men feel very happy when they got the chance to wear the Bhangra dress. Except for the island of Minicoy, all other islanders dress simply. This traditional ensemble also includes a headdress known as the thattam which is basically a long scarf that covers the head and the shoulders. Cruising in the midst of indigo blue waters and perfect white sands, the experience will be a vital one and makes certain to remain with you for quite a while. The Mekhela Chadors are mostly made from Muga Silk, Paat Silk or Eri Silk. The men usually wear a lungi that can either be white or colored. Women from the other three classes use silver ornaments. Their necks, ears and nose are usually adorned with beads, rings, and nose rings made of gold or silver. it keeps their stomach fuller for a long time. Urban areas take it a step further and wear western daily wear such as shirts and trousers, as opposed to the lungi. The arachan is also of two types; the Kannadi and the Adippu and is considered the most important of all ornaments for women. An undergarment in green and blue colors worn with Libus, which a long cloth and a type of cloak. A variety of handicrafts are also made from coconut shells. The men typically wear trousers and over it a loose gown tied around the waist with a woollen cloth called patta and a woollen cap. Traditional Dresses of Arunachal Pradesh reflect the ethnicity of the tribal population of the state. The general color scheme of the daily wear kachis is either black or white with black borders. Some dishes are cooked using traditional methods of steaming and roasting. 7. Mekhela Chador is an Assamese traditional dress worn by women of all ages. The Khasi, Jaintias and Garos are the predominant tribes of Meghalaya region. Anthropologists have in fact recorded, that the men in Minicoy seem as modernly dressed as the men on India’s mainland. Lakshadweep Islands are an ideal goal to go on an extravagance Yacht Cruise. The headdress is usually black in color and in recent times, women have also started using a white cloth to cover the face, from the nose to the chin. However, there are two that stand out in terms of costumes and clothing styles; Minicoy and the Amini group of islands. Some delicacies are cooked using modern day practices such as frying, boiling, basting, and sautéing. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. They were also known as the Laccadive Islands, although geographically this is only the name of the central subgroup of the group. The traditional costumes of Lakshadweep for men are strongly influenced by not only the Union Territory’s neighbors in South India but also the weather and climatic conditions of the area. Kadmath. Traditional wedding reception of our friend's friend in Kavaratti(Lakshadweep) and other outside scenes. Costumes of Uttar Pradesh are simple yet elegant. Iron vessels like karhais help to increase the level of iron in the food. There is a jacket as well worn by females in Lakshadweep. All women wear a finger ring known as the Modram, in their respective metals, besides which they only adorn their ears and necks. The other three classes i.e. Aminidivi, Koyas, Malmis and Melacheris are the prime people communities of Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep (/ l ə k ˈ ʃ ɑː d w iː p /) is a group of islands in the Lakshadweep Sea, 200 to 440 km (120 to 270 mi) off the southwestern coast of India.The archipelago is administered as a union territory and district of India. Costumes of Lakshadweep are embellished with magnificent and vibrant colours that communicate love for life of the population of the region. Things to know about 16 Lakshadweep sightseeing attractions, tourist places addresses, travelers reviews & activities. A majority of Lakshadweep women can be seen wearing (and owning multiple sets of) the gold or silver kamarbandh known as the Arachan, the bangle-like Vala, Kodakams that resemble bracelets, Koodu and Alikkath that are forms of earrings and finally the Urukku that is a black colored bead necklace interlinked with gold. Nowadays women from all classes are now allowed to wear gold jewelry as long as they have the money to purchase it. While sambar, rice and avial is easily available, curried and fried tuna fish, idli, puri and potato curry is popularly served too. Women also cover their head with thattam – a kind of a long scarf, and wear a fitted long sleeved bodice with embroidered fronts. Turkish woman.

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