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Its larger cone diameter should allow it a wider dynamic range as well. Vælg variant for leveringstid og pris Priser fra 44.999,00 DKK pr. Ingen links tilknyttet dette produkt. The advantages over a single driver or two-way system are smoother in-room response, a larger sweet spot, lower distortion and higher output capability. I got to say SVS Ultra Towers bass response is the best ever bass reproduction I have experience in my system, up there with many higher end speakers I’ve heard at audio shows. This £7,000 speaker system likes nothing better than a hefty tweak of the volume control Regular readers may recall HCC previously getting an SVS subwoofer to play with. Ingen links tilknyttet dette produkt. Handsomely styled with a swept-back profile and striking edge treatments, the Ultra Bookshelf draws design cues from the magnificent flagship Ultra Tower. Running low frequency tone sweeps from the DVE test disk, without the port plugs installed the towers were easily hitting 28hz just like SVS claims. SVS ships the Ultra Tower with a useful foam port plug to dampen the bass response in rooms with a lot of room gain. The tweeter is light yet Rigid, remaining distortion free, even at high volume levels. SVS Ultra Tower Surround System + Ultra PB16 x 2. Today I review the SVS Ultra 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos Home Theater. Page 14: Ultra Bookshelf stk. Horizontally mounted two 8 inch bass drivers are opposed to each other to cancel unwanted noise and to produce clean bass, which is working perfectly and similar design can be found on much more expensive … fragt: Varenummer: LINKS VARIANTER. SVS IS CONSTANTLY WORKING TO IMPROVE OUR PRODUCTS AND GIVE YOU, THE CUSTOMER, THE BEST LISTENING EXPERIENCE FROM YOUR PURCHASE. stk. ULTRA TOWER Frequency Response and Electro-Acoustic Data: • Rated bandwidth: 28 Hz-32 kHz (± 3 dB). A center speaker has a challenging part to play. 0°-60°, ±5.3 dB on-axis. For the high frequencies, the SVS Ultra has precisely designed 1 inch aluminium dome tweeter to bring crispness and clarity to the sound. Combining the stunning power of two Prime Tower speakers, a Prime center speaker, and two Prime Satellite surround speakers, there’s no action movie a Prime Tower system can’t bring to life, no concert it can’t reproduce. Vælg variant for leveringstid og pris Priser fra 36.699,00 DKK pr. Sensitivity (SPL at 1 meter/1 watt, avg. SVS sent me a pair of the Prime Pinnacle towers in Piano Black along with an SVS SB-3000 subwoofer ($999.99), perfect ingredients for a high-impact 2.1 system. Datablad: Levering med fra: Pris inkl. They play loud, clear and with extreme authority. Learn More. SVS Ultra 5.0 Tower surround system : Fantastisk surround system fra SVS med Tower modellen som fronthøjttaler. This is a living room Dolby Atmos Setup and one that you may want for your home. Pick-up in Kentucky, Lexington Area. Selling 5 Channel: Ultra Towers(2), Ultra Center, Ultra Surrounds (2) in Black Ash. SB2000 subwoofer On Sale! Achieving this required careful attention to every aspect of the design. Because of the unique shape of the cabinet, each of the woofers fires in a different direction resulting in deep, effortless and accurate bass throughout the listening area. SVS Ultra Tower 7.1 surround system : Kraftigt 7.1 surround system fra SVS med både Tower højttaleren og den populære SB2000 subwoofer. I came away very pleasantly surprised that they managed to produce a clean, detailed sound but also one with plenty of bass thanks to their 6.5” woofers. Recently, SVS launched the Ultra line of full-range speakers for music and home-theater systems: the Bookshelf, the Surround, the Center, and the subject of this review, the Ultra Tower. SVS uses a 3 ½ way design for the Ultra Tower with an interesting configuration of the dual midrange drivers. Outside of subs, in fact, the Ultra is (at this writing) the only SVS speaker line. Prime Center: Clear Dialogue. The SVS Ultra Tower Surround speaker package came as close to earning a perfect 10 as any other speaker system we’ve heard in its price class. The Prime Pinnacle midrange cone is made from glass fiber much like the midrange cones found in the higher-end SVS Ultra towers, whereas the Prime Towers use a polypropylene midrange cone. Seamless Soundstage . Search this website for “SVS” and you’ll find reviews of numerous SVS subs. I have a 5.1 system that was just a super cheap Onkyo package from several years ago, so I'm just kinda looking to replace everything (transition to the bedroom most likely). Pair this superb system with an SVS Plus or Ultra subwoofer for extreme full-range performance that will make your home theater the envy of the neighborhood! Ultra Tower Surround System $ 3,499.99 Ultra Bookshelf Surround System $ 2,499.99 Wireless ... Prime Satellites are designed to blend with SVS towers, bookshelves, or in a system all their own for endless listening possibilities. $2,750 for all Great Condition, all original packaging. SVS Ultra Tower However, the scale these speakers offer is undeniable, and they ensure a spacious, open sound with good stereo imaging – each instrument is placed well in the mix. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 54 Posts. Dubbed the PC13-Ultra, it was a large upright tube and, frankly, so ugly it was best hidden away – although, with its 13.5in Peerless driver and a 1,000W amplifier, it could break windows and shake the foundations. SVS ULTRA Towers Private Q&A I got to talk to Ken Kadis one on one with to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Ultra towers that I get. Extended Test Bench. SVS Ultra Towers and Prime Pinnacle Tower Comparison Want a set? Setup. fragt: Varenummer: LINKS VARIANTER. See more ideas about Loudspeaker, Speaker, Tower speakers. A few years ago I was doing a guide to bookshelf speakers and brought in the SVS Ultra bookshelves for a listen. Datablad: Levering med fra: Pris inkl. SVS Ultra Tower 5.1 surround system : Kraftigt 5.1 surround system fra SVS med både Tower højttaleren og den populære SB2000 subwoofer. Choice is quite limited in Montreal if you aren't looking for a sound bar or HTIB! The two Ultra Tower speakers, Ultra Center channel speaker and two Ultra Surround speakers feature the finest materials and the most advanced SVS technologies for an unparalleled home theater experience. Looking at it from the front, it looks more like a center channel turned on its side with the single aluminum dome tweeter sitting in between the two midrange/midbass drivers. Except for the Ultra Surround, there’s nothing unusual going on with this system that warranted any special setup. SVS makes it clear that in a perfect world, the Ultra tower is the better sounding speaker. Ultra Bookshelf: Designed For The Discriminating Audiophile. - SVS Ultra Tower + Ultra Center + Ultra Surround - Paradigm Monitor 11 v7 + Center 3 + Monitor Surround - Paradigm Prestige 75F + Prestige 55C + Prestige 25S Of the selection above, the only thing I've been able to listen to so far are the Paradigm speakers. Looking for some advice on an appropriate receiver to power the SVS Ultra Tower System. This is just my opinion of course, but the SVS ultra tower sounds absolutely spectacular paired with my carver tfm 35x amp. I put the speakers in my living room and powered them with the NAD M10 Masters integrated streaming amplifier ($2499.99) that’s rated at 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms and features Dirac Live room correction. 0°-30°, ±3.3 dB on-axis • surround 45 Hz to 20 kHz ±5.7 dB avg. Et imponterende system med masser af overskud! SVS Ultra Tower speakers feature a proprietary SVS ForceFactor woofer array with two 8-inch drivers horizontally opposed at the base of the speaker for room-filling low-frequency output. Jun 24, 2020 - Designed and engineered in-house, our loudspeakers reflect a passion for audio excellence. There is also an Ultra Tower ($999). When the port plugs were inserted, they started to run out of bass around 35hz, so there is a tradeoff when using them. SVS Ultra Towers VS Prime Pinnacle Comparison | King Dethroned?!? 0°-30°, ±3.4 dB on-axis • center 58 Hz to 20 kHz ±2.6 dB avg. Frequency response • tower 43 Hz to 20 kHz ±2.9 dB avg. Den kraftige bas i Tower højtalerne vil for mange gøre det ud for en sub. Glass-fiber is a lighter, stiffer material that enables the midrange to behave better over a wider range of frequencies. Although SVS offered to include a subwoofer with my test system, I wanted to hear what the Tower could do on its own. Individual notes can lack the same sense of insight and texture though, and the start and stop of notes can be missed, once again showing up the Ultra Towers’ lack of subtlety and precision compared with competitors. Although the complete SVS Ultra lineup is marketed as a full multichannel and home theatre solution, the sleek Ultra Tower also intends to be competitive into the higher-tier two-channel sweepstakes. Test Report: SVS Ultra Tower Surround Speaker System Page 3. The Ultra Tower is the flagship of the SVS Ultra speaker line and at $999 per side nothing if not ambitious. I've done a bit of research, but I'm fairly new to this. Et imponterende system med masser af overskud! SVS uses a pretty unique crossover method for the dual 6 ½” glass-fiber cones. They sound just as good and in many cases better than any of the speakers that I have heard before. Create an experience that rivals your local movie theater – without the hassle of waiting in line, buying tickets and sticky floors, buying tickets and waiting in line. It includes the three models reviewed here: the Ultra Bookshelf ($499/each), Ultra Center ($699), and Ultra Surround ($599/each). SVS-UTS71-B: SVS Ultra Tower 7.1 surround speaker system incl. SVS Prime Pinnacle Towers (front view) SVS claims the reason for bringing this speaker to market is because they felt a demand for something more formidable than the Prime Towers but not as picky in placement as the Ultra towers. A 3.5-way crossover with the Ultra Tower’s driver compliment was the optimal solution. The Ultra Tower Surround Sound system delivers jaw-droppingly immersive audio performances that transport you into the heat of movie action or onstage with your favorite musicians. 18 months old. The free optimised diffuser is calibrated for perfect on- and off-axis, allowing equal sound quality and enjoyment wherever you are in the room. ULTRA SPEAKER FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS ALL SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. However, the owner's manual for the Ultra tower dedicates much more ink …

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