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If you’re not able to crop out the visual clutter when lining up your shot, you can always apply the principles of composition in post-production in Lightroom or Photoshop. Clouds Over the Rock in Mongolia – B&W Minimalist Photography Print $ 43.00. Earlier in this article, we went over the components of a successful minimalist photo, one of which was lines and shapes. I’ve moved countries several times in the last ten years, which is one motivation for keeping belongings to a minimum. But I also became interested in minimalism as a lifestyle / philosophy. Minimalistic design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture, and I personally always loved the Japanese design aesthetic. Maik Lipp aka USRDCK is a talented self taught photographer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 61. Want more tips on making a living as a professional photographer? There are always going to be rules or guidelines to an art form, but part of being creative is deciding when and how those rules will apply to your work, if at all. I had some good stuff, but too restrictive. The workflow is completely new to me and seems exciting. And what does a minimalist street photo mean? Seagulls on Icebreaker in Prague – Minimalist Photography Print $ 43.00. For my own journey, I started to consciously limit my lens choices to a 50mm focal length (in full frame equivalent). The small zone of phone screens implies that there’s very little space for complex details and areas with a ton of interest; rather, a single subject against a monotone background will stand apart substantially more without any problem. #minimal #minimalism #minimalist #colour #colourcombinations #palette #colourtheory #architecture #architecturephotography #photography. Thanks for your kind comments! I read a lot, but almost always from libraries or on Kindle. For example, you can adjust your aperture settings depending on whether you want the emphasis to be on the foreground or background, blurring whatever is not the focus so your viewer’s eyes know where to focus. I’ve always been a fan of minimalist architecture. Dominika Roseclay. There is something to be said about the economy of shot choice with film, but it is also true that digital enables us to sometimes perhaps take more risks (although one could argue we can do this with film, too … something I am trying to do at the very moment … to photograph much looser and less planned and take more risks so to say). In order to be truly minimalist, I maybe should […]. I live and work in Prague and therefore it is the place where I most often take pictures. When you create any type of photography, there are certain elements that come into play to make up your final photo. 1989-1991 / Architecture and urban design black & white photography of 1930s New York City. Start by choosing a subject that is unique or visually interesting in some way, even if it is just an everyday object found around the house. Here’s my one camera/one lens experience: I always shoot a roll of film on new years day. Now, I wanted to briefly discuss one issue that often comes up in the prime versus zoom discussion. Walker Evans 1903-1975 / American photojournalist, famous for documenting the effects of the Great Depression On the other hand, I do have five film cameras (I aim to get this down to four). This technique is useful to keep in mind when taking minimalist shots of architecture, landscapes, and other large subjects. No matter your experience, these minimalist photography ideas and tips will get you started. Trying the 35mm out in the last month or so was like opening a whole new world to me. The result: I would often bring way too much gear, and often did not use the extra stuff I brought. For example, I did bring a 35mm FF equivalent lens on a Europe trip last year as my only lens (this was digital), and consciously limited myself to that focal length. For example, in photography, it could mean to apply minimalism to photography gear itself (versus the art of photography). What things should I consider as a minimalist photographer? At the moment, I plan to continue my “minimalism” journey. Collection 148 Photos 9 Videos. Capturing a powerful image has a lot to do with the composition of your photo, and minimalist photography is all about simplicity and finding the perfect balance. The thing I like most about minimalism is it works on small screens. Learn how your comment data is processed. With music, I am more creative and get more out of a session when I am working within restrictions. In addition, by providing visual space around your subject, you give your viewer’s eye time to rest, rather than moving continuously all around the image without knowing where to settle. All photographs and text appearing on are the exclusive property of the named author (except where stated otherwise) and are protected by copyright. Alternatively, please feel free to chuck a few pennies in the tip jar via Ko-fi: Learn about where yout money goes here. I feel cluttered. Really loving the PanF & Retro 80S images too. For example, maybe you will get super close up to a part of their face framed against negative space. Il y a 5 ans. Share. See more ideas about Architecture, Minimalist architecture, Architecture design. less! The beauty of basic – life with one lens (Will Mordell) When I was younger, I studied the works of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and other architects, and still own some “minimalist” furniture from the Bauhaus area. Composition in minimalist photography refers to the way your viewer’s eyes will move around the photo. Of course, there is nothing wrong with zooms! Aside from the obvious cost, the use of film is limited by film stock (including color or monochrome), and ISO speed and the overall work flow. If I shoot digital, it’s just camera body for most part. Hi Christian! To make matters even more complicated, many say that focal length determines the perspective of an image. And they might have a point. Of course. As is one gear on a bicycle, but that is another story. Minimalist photos require you to think carefully about each of these elements and how they work together to serve your vision. Some think minimalist pictures should tell a specific story, while others think it’s more about what you’re depicting than any deeper meaning. When it comes to minimalist landscape photography or architectural photos, it may be a bit more difficult to physically arrange your subjects exactly as you would like. A nice post -I’ve reread it a few times and I really like your geometric ‘eye.’ Of course, the obvious one that I don’t strictly adhere to all the time, is the film medium. Interested in minimalist photography but don’t know much about it? All the best, Minimalism as an art form, minimalist design and minimalist architecture. But, that’s good. Since your chance to get the perfect shot might be limited to your subject briefly walking through your composition, it’s also a good idea to make use of your camera’s burst mode, so you will have a bunch of minimalist photos to choose from later on. Examples of naturally occurring compositions include things like a single tree in the snow or a mountain against a blue sky. You may want to read up on the rules of photography composition so you have a starting point when you’re setting up for your first a minimalist photoshoot. Mar 20, 2017 - UFUNK, c'est fini ! Cropping out extraneous background is what sent me down the minimalist path. One day turned into a week, a week into a few months, etc. Bremen Ports – industrial architecture (Christian Schroeder) Perspective only changes with the photographers location relative to their subject. As the son of an landscape artist/architectural illustrator, architecture photography is one of my loves, especially architectural details. The series shows minimalistic and geometric architecture. For as little as $1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of 35mmc and get access to exclusive content over on Patreon. Some striking images here, thanks for sharing them. My first camera was a Yashica 35mm as well, given to me by my parents, with a 50mm lens. Reserved. Minimalistic. Good luck with your 35mm! etc. A well written, thought provoking article – and exceptional imagery! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When you provide ample visual space around your photo’s subject, your viewer’s eye will automatically be drawn to your subject, allowing them to immediately understand what the photo is all about. And while there are no regrets and I did indeed use all this gear, there is a liberating aspect of traveling with (and ultimately also owning!) I blo, This Rollei 35s is a bit of a gem from @filmfurbis, I’ve had this Tamron 17mm SP lens for years. Thanks for reading! As a photographer, you are able to arrange the elements in your composition to suit your purpose, especially if you are working with minimal still life photography or portraiture. While minimalist photos are often black and white, there is no rule stating that your minimalist photography can’t be colorful. I feel that, rather than seeing it as a restriction, the reduced set of equipment choices is very liberating. Architecture studio Atelier ordinaire and designers Stattmann Neue Moebel created a sustainable and minimalist prefab wood house together in Bourgogne in France. So I was forced to be creative with my limited resources. Jun 25, 2019 - love the lines, negative spaces, structure and abstract of good architectural modern photography. […] I wrote another guest blog for Hamish Gill’s 35mmc Blog Site, you can find it here. Look for areas with simple backgrounds so they won’t distract from your subject, then wait for a single person to enter the shot you’ve already lined up ahead of time. You have explained very well the creative power of one camera with only one lens, especially the 50 mm for 35mm. But how do you achieve those gorgeous minimalist pictures that you keep seeing on all of your social media timelines? I am also a musician, and have started to minimize my gear there as well. [[I am planning to do more long exposure fine art B&W work down the road, but this will be very pre-planned and obviously will require a tripod and ND filters unless I do it dusk / dawn / low light. In the field, my only decisions are the visual “story” with primarily composition and then some basic exposure settings to worry about. It’s, Not everything on the 35mmc shop is expensive. Very nice photos I like your thoughtful use of symmetry and asymmetry. Thank you for sharing yours. Achieving great minimalist nature photography all comes down to how you frame your image, and what elements you choose to include and eliminate. I think for his style of intuitive shooting this worked very well. This is simply not true. I often take part in ‘One prime’ weeks/month over on Dyxum, so have tried out most focal lengths over the years – my favourite I guess in the 24, which makes for a notable wide angle on full-frame and a good 35ish equivalent on APS-C…, Bob, thanks for your comments! For example, turning a photo black and white can be an easy way to make it appear more minimal. When you use negative space effectively, you will be able to direct the way the viewer’s eye travels around the composition. A good amount of my family are designers and architects. It worked quite well, especially since I was also photographing some landscape vistas. ]]eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',181,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'35mmc_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',181,'0','1'])); I think there is a host of reasons why gear limitation can be useful (this section has been inspired by a blog post from Erik Kim): Does one lens make you a better photographer: not necessarily, but it might . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some might argue that this is not a limitation, but a complication. Minimalist architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. Proponents of this lifestyle say that it is all about living with less: less financial burden and less unnecessary expenses. Thank you so much. It wasn’t until another dust storm about 15 years ago killed the EOS 630 that I moved up to digital, but still with no prime lenses. But I completely agree that the reduced set of equipment choices is very liberating indeed. Sep 30, 2019 - A collection of minimalist photographs, some with awesome colour combinations. 5 years ago. For more articles on 35mmc about the subject matter discussed here, please click one of the following tag links: 35mmc is free to read. There are all different kinds of still life setups that you can use for your minimalist photography, so have a look at some food photography portfolios and other still life portfolios to start the ideas flowing. Now, inspired by sites like this one, I have decided to re-explore the fun, challenges and occasional frustration of film and have picked up several old 35mm cameras and plan to rediscover my roots. Minimalist Photography Awards announced the winners for 2020 in the categories of Abstract, Aerial, Architecture, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscape, Long Exposure, Night, Open Theme, Photomanipulation, Portrait, and Street. In addition to what we’ve already gone over regarding minimalist photography, one thing to keep in mind with minimalist still life photography is what story you are trying to tell with your photo. This is not the first time that I explored a more minimalist “single lens” approach: last year, my family and I went on a 2 week Europe trip (I am from Switzerland originally), and I had only a 35mm FF equivalent prime lens with me (back then, a Fuji X camera with a 23mm 1.4 prime lens that I have sold since then).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'35mmc_com-box-4','ezslot_16',182,'0','0'])); Are there or were there times when I wished I had a wider or longer focal length? Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), I now have a grip and hood for my Makina 67. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Would like to write for 35mmc? For example, a hectic downtown intersection during rush hour is probably not going to make for a successful minimalist photo. In order to work towards using and owning only essential gear, I have been reviewing/listing all the photography gear I own, and have been proactively selling what I no longer consider essential. Thanks for your comments including for the kind words about the images and the very interesting thought about impact of minimalistic style on small screens! Find out more about 35mmc here. You can manipulate the elements of your composition in order to guide your viewer’s eye to the most important parts of your image. I spent many years using my Zuiko 35 and 50mm lenses for 95% or more of my photography (an 80-210mm zoom was the sole other item, often left behind as I didn’t like carrying it everywhere while one prime was on the camera and the other would fit in a pocket). I still own a 28mm Nikkor 2.8 manual lens that I might bring on road trip leaving this week! A single lens on the camera has definitely improved my photos. So then, for years that was my kit: 35-80mm and 75-300mm zooms. 35mmc is a blog authored, edited and published by Hamish Gill featuring daily articles submitted by readers. When it comes to combining minimalist photography with a wedding photoshoot, your approach is naturally going to differ quite a bit. Jeanette Hägglund is always interested to understand a building to deconstruct it. As a photographer, one of... Look for symmetry. I was not familiar with the OCOLOY term. Minimalist food photography textures. Cheers, Daniel. I wanted to share some recent 35mm architecture film photographs I have been taking with 50mm lenses, and various 35mm film stocks. Discover minimalist fashion photography. Whether this is minimalist design, sculptures, paintings, or photographs. So, I don’t think a wider lens is necessarily too wide for my consideration. Thinking back, as I acquired more lenses I didn’t necessarily take better photos and those two lenses were and are still the most used of my film camera lenses. Just like the other elements of a minimalist photo, lines and shapes are another way to direct your viewer’s eye around the composition. Ultimately, every photographer has to decide individually what tool(s) work(s) best for their creative vision. If you need more ideas for your minimalist landscape photography, browse some landscape photography portfolio website examples to get your inspiration flowing. Having spent the last 4 years mostly using ‘standard’ lenses on my film cameras, particularly the 35mm film cameras with a 50mm lens, my new standard on the M6 is a 35mm focal length. First I learned composition, which could be aided by zooming with my feet, and cropping, first in the viewfinder, and then in the darkroom. But a simple prime and the resulting limited choices definitely works well for me when I go out on the streets . Minimalist Photography Awards 2019, Architecture Winners Architecture Photographer Of The Year 1st place winner Franklin Neto Title: Mirror of Myself View Details 2nd Place Winner Sandra Herber Title: Ice Fishing Huts View Details 3rd Place Winner Klaus Lenzen Title: My Home Is My Castle View Details Minimalist Photography Awards 2019, Architecture Honorable Mentions Philippe Sarfati […] Minimalist photography stems from its initial art movement; minimalism, which was a movement in the 1950s that emerged in the United States, also known as Minimalist Art, Reductive Art or ABC Art. As much as I appreciate a minimalist approach in my “general” photography, I regularly feel the urge of rather complicated, technical procedures. I do not think there must necessarily be people. For example, in photography, it could mean to apply minimalism to photography gear itself (versus the art of photography). Often, I can see people are in awe of a nicely built and designed minimalist building or space. One of the important things in minimalist photography is composition… Minimalist photography, characterized by clean compositions where geometry and abstraction take center stage, is one of the most popular trends when it comes to documenting architecture. I love modern design, and in particular also interior and exterior architectural design. Cheers, Daniel, […] much as I have been into minimalism (see my recent post on this), I decided to bring 3 film cameras on the trip. Instead, you could try having your subject in a monotone outfit against a backdrop of that same color, or a complementary color, depending on what mood you are going for with your minimalist photography. Thanks for the kind words, and your thoughtful comments! I shot the whole day with the fifty. I don’t regret not having other focal lengths, because I have “wider angle” legs & “fill the frame legs.”, Thanks, Daniel. Still life photography is the ideal niche to practice your minimalist photography. I’d say I’m a minimalist when it comes to most personal possessions. I guess I am on a journey that is somewhat the reverse of lots of younger photographers, as far as gear is concerned. So get out there and take some photos, and don’t forget to add them to your online photography portfolio so potential clients can find your work. However, that doesn’t mean your photos need to be all black and white. Le photographe autodidact allemand Maik Lipp réalise des séries de photographies ultra minimalistes, intitulées Mixed Minimal I et Mixed Minimal II au sein desquelles il met les bâtiments à l’honneur sur fond de ciel bleu. The principles of minimalism can be applied to all of the different types of photography, from portraiture to landscape to fashion, but applying these principles can vary depending on what niche you’re working in. In reality, I still do think about at least two things at the moment: camera body and film stock. This can be effective even when the subject is small in relation to the overall composition, as long as it is positioned against a plain background. Minimalist photography is about achieving a strong impact with only a few visual elements, so experiment with removing as much visual information from your composition as possible without compromising the strength of the image. Hi Daniel! At the end of the year, I started to print the selected negs and noticed something; I really didn’t like the 50. The simple way to start setting up for your minimal wedding photography shoot is to choose a location with very little going on in the background. Check out the photography portfolios of some professional photographers to get even more ideas. Today it is … When you frame these lines against negative space, you can adjust your position in order to lead the viewer’s eye in a certain direction, depending on what you are going for in your minimalist architecture photography. Alternatively, if the clothes have more detail to them, you will want to ensure that there is a lot of negative space around your subjects so that the viewer will know where to look. Secrets - Architecture Photography - Mindsparkle Mag. Alternatively, for as little as $1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of 35mmc and get access to exclusive content over on Patreon. All films have been developed at home, scanned with a Nikon DSLR system (D850, with Nikkor 105mm Macro 2.8 lens), digital raw files converted with Negative Lab Pro 2.0 and edited in Adobe Lightroom. Spot on!! While the idea of minimalist photography is all about simplicity, that doesn’t mean they are boring. I am not at the 1 body per medium goal yet, but would like to get there. I look forward to seeing some of your large format work! You can also use a repetitive pattern as negative space, like a simple wallpaper or floor tiles, as long as it doesn’t distract too much from your subject. Architecture really lends itself to minimalist photography because it is basically all lines and shapes. For my own journey, I started to consciously limit my lens choices to a 50mm focal length (in full frame equivalent). Architecture is a great place to find geometric patterns, as you can often find entire walls of patterns to incorporate into a shot. Now that you’ve got a thorough understanding of the elements that make up a great minimal picture and the various niches you can apply your knowledge to, you should be ready to start building up your minimalist photography repertoire. Since my university days I only had one pair of jeans and trainers at a time (though I’m almost always in jeans and trainers). Long time photography writer Mike Johnston has long extolled the virtue of OCOLOY – one camera, one lens, one year. You may need to create photo opportunities as opposed to shooting candid in order to have more control over your composition. Cheers, Daniel, Hi again Daniel! I didn’t get another 50mm lens until about five years ago, partly because I needed a faster lens in my bag and I was then shooting a lot of music performance photos in dimly lit places. Absolutely. Have you been trying to explore minimalism, either artistically and/or as a lifestyle or both or elsewhere?

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