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Has anyone hit this driver and what do you think about it? For instance if you have troubles launching the ball then you can easily see what to or not to consider. .. Great research and data article. Our pool of testers consists of 35 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the mid-teens. I can turn on 2,700 different new channels and all I hear about is the Corona virus. With most manufacturers offering 2-3 stock shafts to choose from, it’s still important to find the best fit within a stock lineup. Although I do think a few companies have crossed the low-spin line, I still expected many other drivers to be higher in the list…. Ended up adjusting my RBZ to get. NO thanks…. Roger – The G410 LST wasn’t included in the 2019 test as it didn’t hit the market until early summer 2019. You guys have lit a fuse…if you ever decide to have a cumulative yearly running data set you will blow the whole system up. It also produced the most centered dispersion of any model tested. One thing though – I much preferred the old table method because I could “select” the drivers I wanted to compare. Some manufacturers may adjust prices accordingly. I have been a big fan of MGS and refer to MGS extensively for my professional needs. Or if budget is no issue try the XXIO X or XI it also is designed for that segment. When might we see the CG information? Or can you put a yardage number to it. Maybe this year, there will be big differences between the ‘average’ and the high swing speed players? Then I talked directly with Jason Hiland – sub 70 CEO to get the right head loft, weights, etc. Jeez I wonder why the Tommy Armour driver did so poorly. It’s very well documented. I want my money back. It’s always a delicate balance between dropping too few and too many. Sign up here for our newsletter and you'll never slice a drive again. baffles brains. For most golfers, it may be worth forgoing a couple of yards in favor of smaller numbers (tighter standard deviations) and smaller circles (better dispersion). Ping 410 LST is the best . If you struggle with a slice, taking the right side out of play may be your most important buying consideration. Previously, the “Handcrafted” label identified a more true or aftermarket shaft, but the brand has since moved to the “Small Batch” moniker for more or less the same thing. This group of guys dedicated to honesty and integrity will give you the straight goods. The new efficiency metric is explained in the article if you care to read it… Yes, it’s different, but it’s probably also more meaningful as it tells you precisely how much better (by percentage) a club performed for a given metric. At my level, I’d rather spend the $300 and move on. The PING G410 SFT is ranked 6th in forgiveness and produced among the tighest dispersion of the drivers we tested. I spend less time searching for balls. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game A couple highlights from 2020 – go on ebay or amazon or just do a web search. Keep in mind that the Strokes Gained formula includes a resulting lie component. While we all want a few more yards, don’t overlook dispersion and consistency numbers (most launch monitors display standard deviations in small print under the averages). Thank you. It’s been said many times… b.s. did ya’ll find the Sim Max to be particularly fade biased? Price: $279 / BUY NOW Lofts: 9.5 ̊,10.5 ̊, 11.5 ̊. Yes it states what they did under ” Q – What is your fitting process”, Oh man, I had a used G410 LST in the cart last night. There are a lot of aging MyGolfSpy readers that should loft up, or already do. As you mentioned, the SZ Extreme had excellent numbers in a number of metrics. I have the same question. Example: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero has a Total Distance Efficiency of 3.02%. and am very satisfied with the results. Also, very good work MGS! Sounds like things worked out for you and that’s cool, but things worked out for me while spending hundreds less. It’s the stock regular shaft that seems to fit me , but I probably could be stiffer. What is your #1 brand for products/svc/attitude? Q: What does your Efficiency metric measure? Great stuff! For me, when 2 fitters in 2 different venues both recommended the same driver head & shaft I knew that was the one to go with. As with most metrics, it’s imperfect. 100 percent correct. Quick question, weren’t previous years winners going to be included in this years test? Many PGA professionals and operators could care less that Ping ‘won’ the Best Driver contest since Ping closed all course/ retail accounts last year that did not maintain yearly purchases of at least $2500.. For many of us that is just not feasible when trying to carry the most popular brands to service our members. Would love to find a driver that helps me with distance… currently hitting taylormade M6 10.5 – reg shaft…. While golfers typically think of the shaft as a means to optimize launch and spin, the shaft will often have a greater impact on accuracy and dispersion. Nice work as usual. Looking at Total Yards A top-tier performer for the second year in a row, the Ping G410 Plus is this year's runner up. The Z785 has better strokes gained, ball speed, total distance and shot dispersion. Good time to look through some data. Sure, the TaylorMade SIM is a great driver… Haha. It much too easy for a manufacturer to send you a special head in an attempt to manipulate your testing procedures- which seem true, thought out and deserving of absolute accuracy. I read it and still think it’s rubbish, I want to numbers not efficiency percentage and shot are and all this other statistical bs. Simple…poor sell through. Every dollar will help. XXIO 11 is well-suited for golfers looking for a little extra head speed and slice correction. Some company? Our rankings are based on launch monitor data and quantifiable performance metrics. Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero; 2. There’s definitely not one driver that produces more ball speed for everyone. Get a Titleist TS3 put in your Most popular driver brand on tour and among amateurs.Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? Smash Efficiency plays a significant role in our Forgiveness ratings. So if the overall average was 100 yards, the Callaway Maverik would have been 103.02 total yards and the Wilson Launch Pad would have been 92.44 total yards (-7.56% versus the average). The Winner for Best Driver of 2020 is: There are a lot of good models in this year’s lineup of drivers. I bought a Wilson Staff Cortex 1n 12 deg. total distance 210-220 don’t get much roll… Thanks for the opportunity 72 year old 12 hdcp. Q: Will you publish a breakdown of the results by swing speed like you have in the past? Refund??? You can bet they will trickle out all the data. Ping G410 Plus / G410 SFT; 5. I am as long or sometimes longer than golf buddies that used to consistently outdrive me. So for example: The Callaway Mavrik Subzeo was 3.02% longer than the average of all drivers. Thanks for the clarification Tony. If you prefer simple or are looking to save a few bucks, a bonded hosel may be an option. With the exception of Strokes Gained, Efficiency is displayed as a percentage. There’s a strong case to made for prioritizing dispersion and consistency over distance. MGS, can you back test last year’s data with this year’s methodology? The drivers in this test range from $199 to $650, excluding any exotic shaft upgrades. PING G410 Plus, among the drivers that produced above-average distance, provided the most neutral offline values (neither draw nor fade bias). Thanks for all you guys do, Might want to do an edit on the “Cobra Speedzone & Speedzone Extreme” in the OTHER NOTABLE PERFORMANCES….I think you meant to say the “other” right side . PLEASE REPLY. When I thought about the price, I had instant remorse. I’m not at all surprised by the SIM not being there, it’s done nothing but kill my driving game since turning in my M4 for it. That way, you could buy heads and shafts online and spend time testing different combinations on your own. Your tests are terrific and seem quite accurate. We score the each driver in each of the four categories and add the scores together. It shows the strokes gained per round in each category. The best drivers of 2020 get specific, meet your needs, address your flaws and enhance your skills Using clubhead data as the foundation makes things a bit more straightforward. Nick Dougherty, by We are independent, unbiased and always put the #ConsumerFirst. LS17 9BF, What's the best hybrid of 2020? A: While on rare occasions there are quantifiable year-over-year breakthroughs, … Smash Efficiency – is a measure of the percentage of Smash Factor (ball speed divided by head speed) retained on off-center strikes. You can look at the Driver you are interested in a see how it compares to the median performance. During each test, we look for trends that provide insight about market direction, as well as what noteworthy changes manufacturers have made to improve year-over-year performance. One thing that I have noticed about this driver that bears mentioning is that higher loft is recommended in virtually every case, as the EXS 220 is a low-launching driver. But I do not see Smash Efficiency in the chart; will you be sharing the rankings? Absolutely! Lots of info there. How does the Cobra SZ extreme, #1 in forgiveness and smash factor, and excellent ball speed, end up near the bottom of the pack in strokes gained? MyGolfSpy is the site millions of golfers turn to when they’re about to buy something golf-related. Some OEMs do offer support and provide clubs for testing, but other clubs are purchased by MGS specifically for MGS Most Wanted testing. We do find standouts every year (Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero led the field in ball speed), but average ball speeds among our top performers tend to be very close. Your comments above about shot area sizing versus locations is helpful as well. Polara Golf Driver… “Ok Boomer” go take a nap, Thanks. Assuming they’ll correct this but I’d guess they meant: “Cobra Speedzone & Speedzone Xtreme both favored the “LEFT” side. Less Aggressive Manual Outlier Filtering – We’ve expanded our allowable. : Why did Titleist drop the price on their latest SP driver line by ), while also considering the standard deviation and the statistical reliability of those values. Looks like when I purchased a driver last Dec, I got it right. What happened? Another fine job by MSG. Pick a grip ,. The easiest to hit of the three Mavriks, the MAX boasts … Follow NCG on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for free online golf instruction, the latest equipment reviews, and much, much more. Promise. This year the outlier count was a bit lower than past years. Drivers are fit to each tester using available stock, no up-charge options from each manufacturer. Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Carry (yards), and Total Yards Efficiency are expressed as a percentage of how much faster, higher, longer, etc. Q: How is the Most Wanted Driver Determined. I have been panting to see what your tests proved to be the best driver lineup for 2020. Cool there, and their rep s will actually talk with you (and not rush you off the phone). I guess we wait and see. When I see higher launch AND higher spin, my suspicion is that there’s just more static loft. When do you anticipate doing breakouts by (low, middle, high) swing speed? That means it was 3.02% longer than the average driver in the cohort. The way it is presented would make a crappy data analyst cringe. I use the MGS testing data to weed out some drivers when I go to upgrade. TaylorMade has the non-Ventus, Ventus as a stock offering. I commented on the right-side bias in the article, which translated to a below-average % of fairways hit. While changes to spin and launch and spin differences are rarely massive, shaft changes frequently lead to improved accuracy, tighter dispersion, and greater overall consistency. thing you will have to do.. Few people know what the real swing looks long, it will drive just about any fastener, even in the tightest of spaces. I wasn’t really shocked to hear that for some reason. I like the new data being presented as percentages. Got fitted at Club Champion into a Callaway Epic Flash Star. Is it possible that future Most Wanted testing will include 12º lofted drivers for that segment of the population? Bang for buck I am a happy golfer again. With every donation, you create change. @Andrew Han: Good point, given the model change I’d expect less statistical variability – but would be a positive to confirm this. Rather than having donated product directly from the manufacturer, I think its time you guys buy off the rack goods. Now if they could break down all of that and show what shafts were used in what heads with what swing speeds etc etc . Our goal is to make it easy for you to find golf equipment that will perform best for your game and give you the most confidence in your decision. - {VIEW RESULTS}. I’ve had the Sub 70 driver for about a year. 1. The Best Drivers in 2020 Reviews. Is MyGolfSpy HIDING something? Any chance you could update this Table with that function? Fitters and knowledgeable golfers can often turn a reasonably good performing driver into a great one with adjustability. Best Impact Driver: The Milwaukee M18 FUEL. What that means to you is that the G410 SFT does exactly what it's designed to do - help golfers who slice keep the ball in play. Always look forward to your tests. Non-Adjustable or Glued options are on the rise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These numbers don’t lie. Great research and comprehensive info. I step up to the tee with confidence. It is the first driver I have ever been fitted for. Long and straight. A: Efficiency looks at differences in how clubs performed – on an individual golfer basis – to other clubs in the field for a given metric. THE BEST DRIVERS FOR MID SWING SPEEDS 2020 – FAQ Buying a New Driver. I understand what the shot area is, but in real terms(yardage) what’s the difference between a shot area of 2500 and 3500(beside the obvious 1000 number)? This includes leveraging, loft, lie, and face angle adjustability (hosel), movable weights, and available shafts. This will/should narrow the results to the drivers you want to campare. Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out…. The percentage for Launch Angle? It’s always an interesting one for us, but it’s only a fraction of our forgiveness equation. Thanks. In addition to loft/face angle and lie adjustments, many adjustable drivers include movable weights that can be used to lower launch, correct a slice, or boost forgiveness. Agree that now the results are more real world. Most wanted driver data did not have any info on this report. Several manufacturers continue to provide low cost, made for shafts as stock options in their drivers. The Launcher HB Turbo is very easy to hit well with. Thanks. Best Drivers Test 2020. In the end, I needed some guidance from a professional and the ability to try multiple head/setting/shaft combos in a short amount of time. I was fitted and I really like this driver. Thanks. I can’t compare the percentages to all the other tests that used actual distances. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is an all-round combination and deservedly our choice as the best driver … The biggest difference is when I feel an off-center strike, the result is often just as good. My golf spy, I think its time you join the other sites that do and claim to be independent testers of consumer products. Or perhaps have a ranking in terms of forgiveness which includes Shot Area (dispersion), Accuracy, etc.

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