axa retirement plan reviews

Average salaries for AXA Retirement Plan Services Representative: [salary]. What Retirement Plan benefit do AXA employees get? Hopefully they can give better guidance. DONT GET AXA put your money somewhere else. but the performance is terrible. by Margaret, The are not Cyber safe, too many loose ends. 4/17/2019. When I wanted information on various funds in my 403B - NO ONE ever a called back for help ( I tried 23 times in the month of September) 2) after month- I called the main office in NY to complain_ never a call back from them either....3) I called my school district and asked for other companies who could receive disbursements monthly and when i told AXA I wanted to end the relationship, they said I was stuck for 6 years- NO MATTER WHAT unless i wanted to incur a huge penalty to get my money into another 403b. Pros: Kind, sincere, christ-like and explained everything in a manner I could follow fully. Transparent, hard working individuals who consistently keep their clients best interest in mind. This company and their insurance brokers will rob you blind. This is the most dishonest and untrustworthy organization I have ever dealt with. Again waiting on hold for 35 minutes I got to #4 before the system hung up on me again. Now I am totally freaking out since Im thinking someone stole the money out of my accounts I searched my house and finally found a paper with the account numbers from before I went paperless. control of their financial future. The general number says you still need to pay, but you cannot get access to your policy or any of the information because it is not stored at AXA and only the independent contractor has a copy of it. Then I left several kind voicemails asking for a return call. With both parents covered, children … I have since found new products with other companies and considerably less managing fees.Pin your advisor down. A retirement plan is an essential Income Generating Asset for retirement income. Then I stopped contributing and I receive emails and calls weekly to book an appt. So I answered that I was a customer but when it requested I enter the account numbers I didn't enter anything. AXA Equitable employees should be ashamed to work for this company. Criminals!!! Almost $1M of monies were transferred from my family. This is tantamount to elder abuse! We have had 5 policies with AXA for several years. 2/4/2019, AXA CUSTOMER service is a joke. Axa took thousand of $ from my account by issuing a distribution instead of a rollover. My first two meetings led me to believe they would guide me in the right direction. by Unhappy, Missed phone calls were common. Build towards your goalRetire Smart comes with four target date funds. I rolled my 401 away from Axa and Axa processed my paperwork ad a distribution instead. I could not be happier with my Dallas Advisor. Just read the facts. NTUC Income Gro Retire Ease (RevoRetire) Currently highest guaranteed payout, this plan also has the ability to change the pay-out period before the payout period. I'm also a CPA and can properly read customer statements and understand financial concepts. Awful customer service. The company offers clients the following investment products: Mutual Funds, UITs, Bonds, CDs, ETFs, Stocks, Money Markets, Alternative Investments, Concentrated Equity Strategies, Advised that in addition to the expense ratio's there was a 1.65% fee on the annuity contract (seems we were lied to about no other fees). Every payment that I have made - these guys have screwed it up. Compared to other retirement plans in the market, it also falls short on certain aspects. Not customer-oriented and dangerous. An illustration of how Aviva MyRetirement Plus can work for you. Looking at my Annuity IRA for 2018, as of October 1st, while the S&P has gone up 11%, the value of the unit of the Moderate Growth Strategy Fund has gone down 1.4%. He also called me but not until almost two weeks lapsed saying the delay was because of federal law changes requiring my signature on the form! You call that customer service?????? A week has went by and still no response from them or where they are at in releasing MY MONEY, by Melissa Parker, After 45 minutes on hold i finally got a customer service person to talk to and when I said that I didnt have my account numbers she hung up on me. Faxed them the same exact form filled out exactly as I had done before but with an extra fee for overnight processing. Learn about AXA Retirement Plan, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former AXA employees. After several attempts to get past this part of the process (multiple calls) it finally told me i was 39 in the queue. On Tuesday, finally the second annuity shows up deposited in my checking account. They have a broad range of savings, retirement, health and life insurance plans. I should have 80,000 in the account but have about 40,000 after eight years of putting in 1000 a month. AXA Financial Services is part of the France-based AXA Group and is one of the largest life and retirement savings companies in the U.S. Cons: It's all a scheme. It seems like they come up with every obstacle to stop you from moving your money out. Overall company opaque on details. This plan is in the top 15% of plans for Account Balances, Company Generosity, Salary Deferral, and Total Plan Cost. The IRS came after me for back taxes on the distribution. After more than two and a half decades in the insurance and financial services arena, AXA offers its products and services in 64 … I was invested in two of there moderate risk products with guarantee riders. The customer service folks when I finally got to talk to them were helpful in emailing me the forms I would need.

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