are my cat and kitten playing or fighting

Be aware that hormones for reproduction stay in your neutered cat for a while. They do not like him at all!!! Do your cat and dog fight often? Also, these places can be a good retreat when your cat needs to get away from an aggressive or annoying kitten . If the fight is in the early stages and you intervene by scaring them, they’ll end up associating the other cat with something scary. When cats are legitimately fighting, their claws are out. I am just trying to check all my boxes here since Oscar is having some out of the litterbox trouble and I want to make sure it isn’t because they are fighting.”. If you have a grouchy older cat that isn’t afraid to express himself with claws and a young cat that can’t take a hint, it might be best for you to jump in and save them both from the situation. Please see our article, Cat Toys, to learn more about playing with your cat and choosing the best toys for him. When it comes to adult cats, many still enjoy engaging in playtime with their companions. When they do fight relatively quietly, I let them keep going to see if they will get bored or just stop. The movement of his tail is also a factor in determining whether he’s playing or fighting. Re-directed Aggression In Cats Additionally, observe the nature of the fight. Aug 8, 2013 by Dr Colleen Currigan, Cat Hospital of Chicago, Chicago, IL Even when it is not necessarily perceived as problematic, it is quite common to hear cat owners casually comment that ‘my cats fight all the time.’ But are In a fighting cat, the ears will be pinned all the way back. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My cat has come to the point where she will clean my kitten (when he lets her) and plays with him. But there are ways to stop cats fighting, both in the short term and in the long term. He is usually the aggressive one, and it usually starts with play "mounting"; he will get on Lilith's back and bite her on the neck. If they are grooming each other then all is well. If the other kitten appropriately stops playing because of a painful bite or a severe scratch, for example, the "aggressor" will learn that she did something wrong. They may also look around during the interaction and won’t keep their eyes focused so intensely on the other cat when playing. This could cause serious problems. You'll know when it's not. -Be very tense, and never relax in the other cat’s presence. This is why the best way to know if your cats are playing or fighting is to observe this body language and interpret the signals they are giving off. They are 4, littermates, fixed, and I adopted them as a bonded pair. It may even make some twitch-like motions. Especially if they groom each other at other times, they aren't enemies. Cats And Babies: All Your Questions Answered! This will help her maintain the peace while they all wait for him to settle down a bit. The goal with this is to get them to separate and latch onto the object instead of each other. They were both "street" urchins, she was considered a stray kitten, he was destined to become a neutered and vaccinated feral. 17+ Ideas For Cat-safe Holiday Decoration (an Illustrated Guide), Catnapped Feral Cat Colony Finds Its Way Home. This is espe… According to the ASPCA, young cats, including kittens, will often engage in rough play. An excited cat may puff up his tail even when playing. In short, when cats fight, they have their ears pinned all the way back, the whites of their eyes are showing, and they will be extremely vocal. But if they’re fighting, you may need to intervene! Kittens love playing to the point where they annoy older cats with their enthusiasm. After all, if they’re playing, you want to encourage them. Signs Your Cats are Playing Now that you’ve gained a better understanding of what a fighting cat looks like, let’s look at what a playing cat looks like. Are they vocalizing loudly and constantly? 88.9k members in the cat community. If you’re introducing two adult cats to each other who have never met before, there’s a good chance the interaction you’re seeing is a fight. Are your cats fighting or playing? The next thing you want to look at is the eyes. This situation happened with Brittanydevv, who was understandably concerned about her kittens. You have your work cut out for you, so be patient and work with these guides. Every muscle is ready for that fight. They took to each other right away, her acting like a little mother to him. 2020 Stack Exchange, Inc. user contributions under cc by-sa,,, Are my cat and kitten fighting or playing? They’re obviously enjoying their time together, even if they end up hissing and growling in a few minutes. I unfortunately got in the habit of play fighting with my hands with my older cat and have some permanent scars to prove it. You may need to separate them for a little while to give the upset cat time to relax. I don't want to discourage them from playing if I view it as fighting. There are two explanations for this situation. As with a fighting cat, it’s a combination of these that indicate when a cat is playing. This is another one that can be tricky, since cats that are play-fighting will take on aggressive stances. In some cases, cats that are afraid of brooms or mops will run at the sight of it coming at them. I would only stress that sometimes cats do get into "heated discussions" that sound like fighting, but without a physical attack. Do you see fur flying? It's an important event, which must be done carefully in order to Post in the cat behavior forum if you need more help, advice, and support from our members. “My 5.5-month-old kitten Tiger is starting to annoy the older cats! Here are a couple of ways you can stop a cat fight safely for everyone involved. It is not always easy to tell if cats are just playing roughly or if they are actually fighting. This is an attempt to make themselves appear larger. Cats tend to prefer consistency over change. Otherwise, the resident cat will feel as though their territory is being threatened and will act accordingly. More than likely, if your cats are littermates or knew each other from kittenhood, they’re playing together. I was always concerned that my Ozzy, the male was getting a bit carried away. Kitten vs. adult cat behavior If you find yourself wondering whether your cats are playing or fighting, one thing to consider is the age of the felines involved. It’s a real video of real cats fighting and is intense, so be prepared. In the meantime, his owner should be engaging him regularly in play to keep him busy and make sure the other cats have safe retreats so they can have their quiet time. Make sure that his environment is set up to Sometimes, all she needs is something or someone else to play with. Site Help | Hi, If your cats were relaxing in the sunlight and then one started poking the other with his paws and now they’re engaged in an epic battle, chances are they’re just playing. Although exposing the stomach may be seen as a submissive move, from this angle, another cat has to get through all four clawed paws and a mouthful of teeth to get to any vital parts. Again, this is hard to see for sure but is one of the ways you can tell if a cat is just playing or fighting. It’s extremely rare for cats of this age with this type of relationship to fight. There’s no mistaking the screams, yowls, cries, and more a cat may let out before and during a fight. Cat play is usually quiet as far as vocalizations go. Are their claws out? However, it will be up in the air while playing, body language that announces they’re feeling friendly. The only sounds you should be hearing are the pounding of your cats’ feet as they chase each other around the house. For the MOST part, it’s easy to tell, because dogs have their own abundantly clear body language, and cats, while it’s much more subtle, have their own body language communicating their feelings. When a cat hisses or cries out in the midst of play, it usually means they’ve had enough, or that the other cat accidentally hurt her. My cat and dog fight, how do I stop it? This is also important in determining whether your cats are fighting or playing. Your sickly cat would appreciate being somewhere they can relax and rest until they are feeling 100% again and ready to face the world and your other cat! At the same time, you don’t want to get yourself bitten or scratched. Cats that don’t know each other are far more likely to fight than old friends, which is why you have to consider how well your cats know each other. My new kitten, Andre 7 months, has been allowed out and around the house tonight with my resident cat, Jessop 10 months, for the first time. Cats that are playing will usually have their ears forward or slightly sideways, normally-dilated pupils, and they’ll be mostly quiet. Edit: If one of them were hurting the other, even unintentionally, they wouldn’t stick around to keep it going. Cats are naturally solitary animals and are not designed to live in close social groups. It was to the point where I thought that Zoe was being too aggressive so I talked to my vet about it. Introducing a New Kitten or Cat One of the most common instances where pet owners can be confused about whether cats are playing or fighting is the introduction of a new cat or kitten to the home. If they’re around, switch to headphones before playing this video. This is because they know they’re not in danger, so if there’s something interesting to look at, they’ll look at it. As you can see, they’re both relaxed throughout the interaction. How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide. Instead, just gently shove it between them. However, sometimes you may run into situations where one cat is thoroughly enjoying himself and the other cat is ready to battle for real. It’s also a good idea to play with the other cat to help them burn off that extra energy. Batman (my cat) doesn't like Pumpkin (my kitten), she growls and hisses at her at every opportunity, although there are some times when she'll just chill and ignore her. Home & Forums | Do not spray water on any of the cats either. Cats usually don’t vocalize while playing, but there’s always some exception to that rule. If they didn't like each other, they definitely wouldn't be doing that, or even get within a foot of each other. Though it has no effect on Lilith, Ozzy loves it--but then he gets mean, and attacks her for no reason. Read more on why spraying cats with water is never a good idea. Fighting cats often spend a significant part of the fight simply staring right into one another’s eyes and yowling. Cats in the midst of a fight see everything as the enemy and won’t hesitate to attack you with everything they have. Be sure to check in with your cats when you do hear a painful meow, and make sure the other cat has backed off to avoid it turning into a real fight. These two are littermates and have lived together for their entire lives. Another consideration to keep in mind: You don’t want the cats to become even more scared. My kitten has not been neutered yet. i was outside with my dog on her chain (since we don't have a fence) and my kitten was out too. When two cats are facing off to fight, they usually stand sideways rather than facing each other head-on. “You need to redirect the younger cat with a toy to play with you,” Adelman says. They are constantly play fighting. Most cats enjoy interacting with their owner and playing is a great way to develop the bond between you and your pet. © 2000-2020 Cats that are fighting will: -Have “bottlebrush tails”—the fur on their tails and backs will stand up; they’re trying to look larger. We provided plenty of treats for every good interaction which … In most situations, both cats will be either playing or fighting. It's playing. If there doesn’t seem to be any reason for your cats to be upset, then it’s more likely a play session has broken out rather than a fight. This helps us offset the costs of running this site, so thank you for your support! But sometimes cats fight for real! Keep reading and we’ll break down each of these behaviors for you and provide visual examples. So how can I tell if they're playing, or if my cat's trying to corner the kitten to kill it, or what? My cat has come to the point where she will clean my kitten (when he lets her) and plays with him. Read more: Hopefully, this behavior will change once he gets neutered and he’ll just be playing normally. Are their ears pinned all the way back on their heads? When you’re facing a legitimate cat fight, there are some steps you need to take to prevent either cat from getting injured. Provide your older cat with areas outside the kitten's reach where only it can go. Cats’ pupils get bigger while they’re playing, but not quite as big as when they’re fighting. In time, these two will learn to play nicer with each other. If a cat is hissing at you, he's not playing This is simply because they’re excited. For some cat parents though, their cats’ playtime may look as if it’s crossed over into aggression. He does it with the dog as well, but it’s funnier with him.

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