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The Odisha cuisine is a lot about seafood because only 6 percent of the population is vegetarian. Is served after a meal. Again people here loves eating sweets and may be this is the reason they themselves are so lovable. It is prepared with well-kneaded chhena or fresh cottage cheese, sugar and nuts and baked for hours till the aroma fills the air and it browns completely. It is the traditional dish of the state. You get rasogulla everywhere, but wait this special brown ones is sure to make you forget everything else. The rich diversity of Odia kitchen can be best seen in the daily food offered to Lord Jagannath in Puri. Odisha, state of India located in the northeastern part of the country. See more ideas about Food, Odisha, Indian food recipes. Get Odisha politics, weather, crime, entertainment and sports updates. Although westernisation as has deeply affected the change in food habits of Odia people, you will still get to taste the awesomeness of the following famous food of Odisha … The Baladevjew Temple is located in Kendrapara. The Odisha government is set to introduce fish and fish-based products in the supplementary nutrition programme for children, pregnant and nursing women, and adolescent girls. Muri is to rice as popcorn is to corn. Khatta is an integral part of Odia cuisine and it is mostly eaten as a side dish. Rice is the main food in Odisha, both suns dried and par-boiled rice is the staple food of the people in Odisha. Whatever be the occasion you are sure to bit into a pitha at every house hold there. list of 10 best food delicacies of various districts of odisha. Rasmalai  Rosh malai (Bengal sweet dessert originating in India). Odisha has a culinary tradition spanning centuries. This cake is baked with a lot of twist and is miles away from the cake which we normally eat. They are usually served with curries or gravies. It is the most important social festival of Odisha but particularly of a high significance in Western Odisha and adjoining areas. The main ingredient here is rice which is used in grounded form and mixed along with jaggery and other condiments, which is then deep fried, just perfect for snacking at tea time. This mustard gravy along with the perfect blend of yogurt is hard to resist and the mere mention or sight of this dish is enough to keep one salivating. Chungdi Malai (Prawn Malai curry) is delicious, mild curry is so easy to make. Mudhi is a staple food of people of Odisha. Please enter your e-mail Id . Khichdi, as we call it in other states is an easy yet a wholesome meal. The low use of oil and spices makes the perfect dish for dinner along with chapatti. DAHIBARA Aludoom : Cuttack. Odia dishes are rich and varied and rely on local ingredients. This dish includes refined flour, Paula, semolina, water, oil, sugar, and a pinch of baking soda. This is the most unique part of the state. Famous classical dancers get together to be a part of this extravagant celebration which is fondly enjoyed by the people from around the globe. Dining in Bhubaneswar, Khurda District: See 6,483 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 578 Bhubaneswar restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. This is again prepared by mixing and boiling various kinds of vegetables and tempering it with just a teaspoon of oil/ghee along with Pancha-Pootan, a mixture of fennel, cumin, mustard, kalonji and fenugreek seeds. Rice, both sun dried and par-boiled is the staple food of the people in this state. The drinks of Odisha are easily available and can be prepared at home too.So, there are some of the most popular and cooling drinks and beverages from odisha, these drinks healthy and flavored drinks which are a part of Odisha’s cuisine: LASSI. Sold in every nook and corner mostly in Cuttack and Puri by cyclewallahs, you have to stand in a queue to taste this delicacy. Every state of India has a famous food and traditional style of making it. 13) Palua Ladu, Bhadrak Most prepared during Raja festival (Swing Festival) in Odisha, Podo Pitha can be rightly called as the Godfather of all pithas. Chhena Jalebi  is a sweet dish originated from coastal Orissa, a state that is very popularly known for making various desserts of Chhena. Like this, there is much food like “Chenapoda, Khaja, Kakara, Bara, Guguni, Podapitha” etc. Mayurbhanj is the largest district of Odisha by area. Dalma is a very popular Odia dish which is also served to Lord Jagannath as prasada. This Dosa like flat pancake is full of nutrition and best enjoyed with just sugar or sweet chutneys. Chingudi (Prawns), mostly eaten by people residing in the coastal region of Odisha is a hit and a must try if you love sea food. It is Kalinga where the infamous and the bloodiest war between … They are usually served with curries or gravies. And mind it while putting it inside your mouth, they are huge. This is again a soupy dish like dal made up of curd, mixed with vegetables. 4) Chhena Gajaa. This sweet dish has small chhena /cottage cheese balls dipped in thickened and sweetened milk seasoned with cardamom and saffron for that awesome flavor. Select & Book best deal. Palua Ladu, Bhadrak : This sweetest dish is originated from Bhadrak district of Odisha.Palua Ladu … All these eatables are placed on a plate, made from bell metal. Also made from chhena a form of cheese curd used to prep dishes, Rasabali is a reddish-brown dish, which is in the form of a patty and is also fried before adding them into thick condensed milk finally garnished with cardamom. So this makes this sweet, a must-try in Odisha for its unique flavour. Ghanta in Odia means mixed. Rasabali is a famous dessert from Kendrapara district. Given the fondness for sweet foods, the dessert course may include generous portions of more than a single item. Khatta is prepared along with jaggery and other condiments to make it lip smacking. The best part, a few of them can be stored for many days and relished. Patalganga : It is a nice spot in the bosom of nature with a perennial spring, the water of which is considered as sacred as that of the holy Ganges. The historical frenzies of Odisha. A very healthy and nutritious dish! This is the steamed version of the Pitha. Whatever be the occasion, you are sure to find this dish on the menu. Khicede. In 2011 the state’s name was changed from Orissa to Odisha. Pahala, a small stretch which comes between Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar, is adorned with around forty to fifty sweet shop’s, is sure to make you stop and try out those rust colored beauties in all sizes. The spicy seasoning gives the dish a unique taste and color which is hard to resist. Especially Mudhi is famous and maximum produced from Baripada & Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, and throughout the state it is eaten in breakfast or during hi tea as evening snax. Odisha, the land of temples and scenic beauties, has a large area that is yet to be explored and such a place is the magnificent “Godhash waterfall”. This is yet again a very simple and authentic Odia cuisine which is prepared with cooked rice little fermented in water. Crab curry is best enjoyed at the lunch table, sitting for hours and relishing the crab meat along with family and friends. The pilot programme will start across 50 Anganwadi centres in Mayurbhanj district. The aromatic smell of the garlic and onion along with crunch of the fried badis is therapeutic. Call us for details +91 9937-011-805. It goes best with dalma and steam rice. Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only. One of the famous shopping malls in Orissa, Market Building must definitely be on your list of shopping places when you plan to visit the city. book@orissatourism.org. That’s the reason people prefer to cook it once in a year. Among all types of Bara, the famous Dhenkanal Bara of Odisha is said to be the most delicious and mouth watering. Bara (Vada) is a famous street food of Odisha and very much popular in the whole country. This sweet syrupy dish is made from cottage cheese and semolina. Enduri is made up of rice flour filled with sweet filling and steamed within turmeric leaves. Dalma – A Legendary Traditional Dish. eDistrict. This one is one of the classic curies which any Odia would be proud to be associated with. Culture. Road: Nuapada is connected with all weather motorable roads to Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Raipur, Chhatishgarh and various other cities of the state NH 217. Check out 29 dishes from the 29 states of India for your love for food. Before India became independent in 1947, Odisha’s capital was at Cuttack. ... BEST Street Food of India | India Food Tour - Duration: 27:15. The fully fried chhena pretzels are then soaked in sugary syrup. Apart from the main course delicacies, Odisha is also famous for its mouthwatering sweets. Pakhal Bhat (ପଖାଳ ଭାତ) Odisha and the name "Pakhal" is not in the list, it never happens. It has a diverse culture and each of its districts reveals a distinct culture and tradition so does its foods. The amazing and most famous national park of Odisha is an elephant reserve,located in the Mayurbhanj district. Do not miss trying some of these very authentic and traditional dishes from the state of Odisha. Majority of the people from Odisha are non-vegetarians and fish forms an integral part of their traditional cuisine. A typical main course consists of rice or chapatti, along with dal, bhaji, bharta (mixed vegetable curry), ambila/sakara (sweet and sour preparation) and dessert. C-41, Market Building, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar - 751007, Odisha, India +91 9937011805 . … The word ‘nua’ means new and ‘khai’ means food, so the name means the new crop that the farmers harvest marking the start of the harvesting season. The Odisha cuisine is a lot about seafood because only 6 percent of the population is vegetarian. Main Food in Odisha Rice, Dal, Green vegetable curry etc are the main foods of Odisha. Also known as Pheni, this sweet is Lord Jagannath’s favorite. Cheena Podo literally means burnt cheese in Odia. 1) Dahibara Aloodum, (Cuttack):- 'Dahibara Aludum' is probably the most popular street food in Odisha after Gupchup. This dish includes refined flour, Paula, semolina, water, oil, sugar, and a pinch of baking soda. The e-District portal involves integrated and seamless delivery of citizen services by district administration through automation of workflow, back end digitization, integration and process redesigning across participating sections/departments for providing services in a most efficient manner to the citizens. It is made by heating rice in a sand-filled oven.

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