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Hornbeam was chosen for this long driveway instant hedge to create a natural high screen and replace the aging willow screens which had collapsed in several places. ... Hornbeam hedge plants (Carpinus Betulus) is an extremely attractive and versatile plant that makes it a popular choice for many homeowners and gardeners. Hornbeam hedging is a more quicker growing than beech, so if you are looking to grow taller hedging it can be a good option as the results will come quicker, it retains it leaf during the winter months to give a semi-evergreen hedge and it can form a good dense hedge which is also popularly used to form pleached trees for high screening up to 4-5m high. fade: true, autoplayDelay: 5000, loop: true, //thumbnail Hornbeam hedges can be pruned creatively to form designs like windows and doors. }); WebFont.load({ Hornbeam hedge troughs are an ideal way to create privacy and can also be used as a windbreak or noise barrier. Hornbeam hedge form a wonderful backdrop behind colorful flowers and other plants. thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', thumbnailHeight: 220, Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) instant hedge is a sturdy deciduous hedge with green leaves resembling that of Fagus sylvatica (Beech). Although it is deciduous, the leaves turn copper in the autumn and can remain on the hedge until late winter. imageScaleMode: 'contain', Bio: Elegant shaped tree with serrated, mid green, ribbed leaves and characteristic grey, fluted bark. //autoplay Mar 14, 2017 - Explore A B's board "Hornbeam Hedge" on Pinterest. Hornbeam hedging can grow up to 8m if left untrimmed. thumbnailWidth: 263, mediumSize: 1000, jQuery( document ).ready(function( jQuery ) { Hornbeam Instant Hedge. Here you can see some of our past projects to get inspiration or ideas for your own garden project. loop: true, largeSize: 3000, mediumSize: 1000, The most popular species for instant hedges are: Taxus baccata (Yew) – the classic British evergreen hedge, fantastic for shaping and maintaining as a formal hedge. These plants are grown in 1m lengths in a trough or long plastic container and can planted out to make an instant hedge approximately 80 to100cm height. Hornbeam is easily grown as a hedge and does especially well on chalk & heavy clay soils. Instant Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) hedge pre grown hedge around 6 ft tall. The common ‘hornbeam’ name is due to the tree’s extremely hard wood, which will take on a horn-like smooth polish, and was once widely used in Europe to make oxen yokes. largeSize: 3000, Beech branches are smooth and graceful, while hornbeam is crooked and knotty, with lots of twigs. fade: true, Plant these with the the rootballs just touching to give a continuous instant hedge with each section giving 100cm coverage. autoplayDelay: 5000, slideDistance: 5, jQuery( '#example3_2590' ).sliderPro({ We have developed our own Practical Instant Hedge™ range – these easy to plant Instant Hedges are grown in 1 metre long hedge bags by us here in Iver, Bucks. It also keeps a proportion of its old leaves on its branches through to the spring giving a better screening effect. Instant Reassurance; Our Customer Testimonials Page, In Stock Wire Root Balled, Root Balled and Contaniers. startSlide: 0, Hornbeam Hedge Plants. jQuery( '#example3_2574' ).sliderPro({ Collection in person. Bio: Similar in appearance to Beech, Hornbeam makes a superb specimen tree or hedging plant. autoplayOnHover: 'none', It is very similar to beech in that it has green leaves in the summer and the dead leaves hang on the hedge for most of the winter. Left to its own devices, Hornbeam grows into is a medium-sized deciduous tree. thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', No serious insect or disease problems. thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', //width Hornbeam hedging works equally well as a single-species hedge or when combined with other native hedging. startSlide: 0, jQuery( document ).ready(function( jQuery ) { //autoplay smallSize: 500, £69.49. Simply fill in the short form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible! We also have available top quality hedging elements, as well as the Elveden Instant Hedge™ . The hedge works perfect in urban areas. The leaves of Hornbeam Hedging are saw-edged and its fruits are hop like. width: 1143, The trees instantly give the same height and privacy and will grow together to … touchSwipe: true, On heavy and badly drained soils, Hornbeam is the go-to replacement for those who would like a green Beech hedge. height: 618, Country charm isn't hard to come by when using hedges to dress up a parking area or courtyard. Hornbeam hedging requires a trim once a year, in … This type of hedging plant can act as a semi-evergreen hedge. }); fullScreen: false, jQuery( '#example3_2594' ).sliderPro({ The individual plants are clipped regularly to create blocks that when planted in a row form a dense, evenly clipped hedge. Smooth barked tree with superb clear yellow autumn foliage. thumbnailArrows: true, The bright green leaves are stunning when they first come out. Our instant hedges are specially grown and matured in a way that allows their complete root structure to be lifted and transported to site without harm. Buy Carpinus Betulus today! Individual root ball hedge elements – these are individual plants (instead of several plants in a trough) that have been trimmed into a block shape on all sides with the intention that they are planted tight together to from an instant hedge. Carpinus betulus is a very useful hedging plant. Create an instant screen with our hedging elements that are designed to impress. Free postage. This hedge can be planted in very damp soil conditions, it is a very hardy hedge. European Hornbeam looks very similar to European Beech when grown as a hedge, and they can be considered interchangeable. Hornbeam Hedge Carpinus Betulus Root Ball 175/200 Dug to Order touchSwipe: true, arrows: true, What to Plant instead of Leyland Cypress…and Why, Weekly, or possibly more often in containers or extreme heat. thumbnailWidth: 263, Fall display on the European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a stunning mix of colors. thumbnailWidth: 263, 3 Hornbeam 4-5ft, Native Carpinus Betulus Hedging, Makes a Thick & Dense Hedge. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and growing conditions making it a true general purpose hedge that reliably performs year after year. thumbnailWidth: 263, buttons: false, Susceptible to scales and root rot. allowScaleUp: false, All Rights Reserved. google: { Click on the products below to discover a range of beautiful instant hedges, in a range of sizes and types to give your garden and landscape that finshed result when first planted up. //width }); Supplied in large 1m long troughs to give an instant hedge and can be planted any time during the year. height: 618, //height //thumbnail With over 25 varieties and 3 convenient heights available, our hedges are perfect for privacy, to create garden rooms, or border plantings. Instant Hedges. Carpinus betulus was introduced to North America sometime during the colonial era. Carpinus are semi-evergreen trees with attractive foliage and hop-like fruit clusters in late summer and autumn. The smooth, fluted grey bark elegantly combine with those green leaves (7 - 12 cms), turning yellow to orange in autumn for a unique tree or hedging plant. Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) instant hedge is a sturdy deciduous hedge with green leaves resembling that of Fagus sylvatica (Beech). If Hornbeam hedges are trimmed in late summer, a large proportion of … autoplayOnHover: 'none', Hornbeam (Carpinus betululs) is one of the best plants for growing in to a clipped hedge with its fast growth rate and tolerance of all soils and is much recommended and versatile hedging plant. }); .slider-pro{font-family:'Open Sans',Arial}#example3_2574 .title-in{color:#00000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;font-weight:bolder;text-align:center}#example3_2574 .title-in-bg{background:rgba(255,255,255,.5)!important;white-space:unset!important;max-width:100%;min-width:30%;transform:initial!important}#example3_2574 .desc-in{color:#000000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;text-align:center}#example3_2574 .desc-in-bg{white-space:unset!important;max-width:80%;min-width:90%;transform:initial!important;text-align:center!important;border:0 solid #000}#example3_2574 .sp-thumbnail{color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2574 .read-more-color{color:#7B85F4!important;display:block;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}.slider-pro a:hover{-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}#example3_2574 .sp-button{border:2px solid #000000!important;width:10px;height:10px}#example3_2574 .sp-selected-button{background-color:#000000!important}#example3_2574 .sp-next-arrow::after,#example3_2574 .sp-next-arrow::before,#example3_2574 .sp-previous-arrow::after,#example3_2574 .sp-previous-arrow::before{background-color:#FFFFFF!important}#example3_2574 .sp-full-screen-button{font-weight:bolder;color:#FFFFFF!important}#example3_2574 .sp-selected-thumbnail{border:4px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::before{border-bottom:5px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::after{border-bottom:13px solid #ffffff!important}@media (max-width:860px){#example3_2574 .hide-medium-screen{display:none}}@media (max-width:640px){#example3_2574 .sp-layer{font-size:12px}#example3_2574 .hide-small-screen{display:none}}.fnf{background-color:#272e31;border-radius:5px;color:#fff;font-family:initial;text-align:center;padding:12px}.uris-slider-title{font-family:Montserrat}. families: ['Montserrat'] // saved value startSlide: 0, Use a hornbeam hedge to highlight flowers, herbs, and garden sculptures. Hornbeam privacy hedges help create peaceful garden spaces to rest and think. thumbnailArrows: true, A simple garden design looks elegant and creative with a tall hedge bordering mass plantings. autoplayOnHover: 'none', Variety: Deciduous. Hornbeam (Carpinus) hedges can be used to form a private courtyard outside this apartment complex. Established in 2013, InstantHedge is the only nursery in the United States devoted to growing pre-finished hedges. Planting Hornbeam hedging. ... Elveden Instant Hedge. autoplay: true, thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', Hornbeam hedge growth rate . fade: true, //thumbnails thumbnailArrows: true, If you are looking for some temporary hedging for an event, look at our sister businesses. Our instant hedge is a high-quality product with no equals when it comes to buying time! thumbnailHeight: 220, Dug to order delivery normally within 14 days. Resistant to verticillium. families: ['Montserrat'] // saved value loop: true, We have received your question and will be in touch shortly. smallSize: 500, Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Please fill in your details and we will reply shortly. European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) offers substantial screening even in the winter because the previous year's foliage remains on the branches through much of the winter. Hornbeam Instant Hedge (Carpinus betulus) is a hardy, native, deciduous hedging plant. Leaves ovate, ribbed and finely serrate, turning yellow in autumn. Our Instant Hedge trough range is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and domestic projects because of its simplicity and instant results. Hardy. Uses: Formal and stock-friendly hedges from 100 cms upwards For smaller outdoor spaces or those that need extra privacy, Hornbeam hedging is also available as a space-saving instant hedging screen. autoplayDirection: 'normal', For customers seeking immediate and impressive impact, instant hedging units and screens, which are suitable for planting all year round, are a superb option. autoplay: true, buttons: false, google: { These instant hornbeam hedge plants are a fantastic way to create an instant hedge at a good height to give immediate screening for eye level privacy. Each of these Carpinus betulus hedging trees is 8-9ft (240-270cm) in height from the top of the root ball. Our Instant Hedge Unit are available in larger sizes than the standard troughs and provide a more mature screen. //height Hornbeam hedges can be used to effectively add privacy and separation to different areas of a landscape. 56 sold. See similar items. Stone and metal features like this fountain are made more inviting with the use of a leafy hedge. autoplayDelay: 5000, Hornbeam are proficient when growing in difficult and demanding situations, exceptionally good in moist, heavy soils and will grow in virtually any soil type. There are quite old plantings of beech and hornbeam, but beech plants can easily live past 200 years, while hornbeam typically doesn’t live past 150. }); .slider-pro{font-family:'Open Sans',Arial}#example3_2590 .title-in{color:#00000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;font-weight:bolder;text-align:center}#example3_2590 .title-in-bg{background:rgba(255,255,255,.5)!important;white-space:unset!important;max-width:100%;min-width:30%;transform:initial!important}#example3_2590 .desc-in{color:#000000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;text-align:center}#example3_2590 .desc-in-bg{white-space:unset!important;max-width:80%;min-width:90%;transform:initial!important;text-align:center!important;border:0 solid #000}#example3_2590 .sp-thumbnail{color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2590 .read-more-color{color:#7B85F4!important;display:block;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}.slider-pro a:hover{-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}#example3_2590 .sp-button{border:2px solid #ffffff!important;width:10px;height:10px}#example3_2590 .sp-selected-button{background-color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2590 .sp-next-arrow::after,#example3_2590 .sp-next-arrow::before,#example3_2590 .sp-previous-arrow::after,#example3_2590 .sp-previous-arrow::before{background-color:#000000!important}#example3_2590 .sp-full-screen-button{font-weight:bolder;color:#000000!important}#example3_2590 .sp-selected-thumbnail{border:4px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::before{border-bottom:5px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::after{border-bottom:13px solid #ffffff!important}@media (max-width:860px){#example3_2590 .hide-medium-screen{display:none}}@media (max-width:640px){#example3_2590 .sp-layer{font-size:12px}#example3_2590 .hide-small-screen{display:none}}.fnf{background-color:#272e31;border-radius:5px;color:#fff;font-family:initial;text-align:center;padding:12px}.uris-slider-title{font-family:Montserrat}. }); WebFont.load({ It looks great all year round due to its bright colours but grows in … Give a courtyard peace and summer privacy by surrounding it with hornbeam hedge. A true country house 'classic' the Hornbeam offers a great solution to those seeking an attractive formal hedge in more demanding situations. //width Instant hornbeam hedging. thumbnailHeight: 220, families: ['Montserrat'] // saved value thumbnailHeight: 220, If a hornbeam hedge is positioned along a footpath or at a roadside which is gritted in the winter, then mulching with straw is recommended during this period to protect against water splashes. Mature hedges can form very effective outdoor walls like those nearly 8 feet tall pictured here! 100 Native Hornbeam Hedging Plants 40-60cm Trees Hedge,2ft,Good For Wet Ground. See more ideas about landscape design, hornbeam hedge, outdoor gardens. Hornbeam hedging is a traditional deciduous hedger that thrives in soggy, woodland sites, ... Chunky field grown plant at 150-175 cm You need at least 2 per metre and you could squash in 3 for an instant hedge. Planting an instant hedge can provide a fast and complete transformation of your outdoor space, instantly defining boundaries, creating privacy and screening your garden. This makes it a good alternative to Beech on heavy clay soils. Carpinus betulus is perfect for screening to get instant privacy. thumbnailWidth: 263, height: 618, Learn More. buttons: false, //height mediumSize: 1000, A European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) unit around 6' high, ready to ship in its biodegradable cardboard container. How tall & fast will Hornbeam hedging grow? } }); WebFont.load({ About Hornbeam A dense, fast-growing, native deciduous, boasting dramatic architectural foliage, tolerant of boggy, exposed sites and shades. thumbnailWidth: 263, autoplayDirection: 'normal', fullScreen: false, A European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) unit around 4' high, ready to ship in its biodegradable cardboard container. The hedge works perfect in urban areas. thumbnailHeight: 220, }); .slider-pro{font-family:'Open Sans',Arial}#example3_2594 .title-in{color:#00000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;font-weight:bolder;text-align:center}#example3_2594 .title-in-bg{background:rgba(255,255,255,.5)!important;white-space:unset!important;max-width:100%;min-width:30%;transform:initial!important}#example3_2594 .desc-in{color:#000000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;text-align:center}#example3_2594 .desc-in-bg{white-space:unset!important;max-width:80%;min-width:90%;transform:initial!important;text-align:center!important;border:0 solid #000}#example3_2594 .sp-thumbnail{color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2594 .read-more-color{color:#7B85F4!important;display:block;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}.slider-pro a:hover{-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}#example3_2594 .sp-button{border:2px solid #000000!important;width:10px;height:10px}#example3_2594 .sp-selected-button{background-color:#000000!important}#example3_2594 .sp-next-arrow::after,#example3_2594 .sp-next-arrow::before,#example3_2594 .sp-previous-arrow::after,#example3_2594 .sp-previous-arrow::before{background-color:#FFFFFF!important}#example3_2594 .sp-full-screen-button{font-weight:bolder;color:#FFFFFF!important}#example3_2594 .sp-selected-thumbnail{border:4px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::before{border-bottom:5px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::after{border-bottom:13px solid #ffffff!important}@media (max-width:860px){#example3_2594 .hide-medium-screen{display:none}}@media (max-width:640px){#example3_2594 .sp-layer{font-size:12px}#example3_2594 .hide-small-screen{display:none}}.fnf{background-color:#272e31;border-radius:5px;color:#fff;font-family:initial;text-align:center;padding:12px}.uris-slider-title{font-family:Montserrat}, jQuery( document ).ready(function( jQuery ) { Hornbeam hedging is a more quicker growing than beech, so if you are looking to grow taller hedging it can be a good option as the results will come quicker, it retains it leaf during the winter months to give a semi-evergreen hedge and it can form a good dense hedge which is also popularly used to form pleached trees for high screening up to 4-5m high.

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