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The basic plan applies to all hazards. ` !1AQ"aq2R����B��#Sbr���3CTc��$s��%5����� In these ways, disaster resilient organisations contribute to the overall resilience of people, families and communities. PREPARE Disaster Plan Template and Guidelines Page 3 . 67 0 obj <> endobj 91 0 obj <>stream Hazard mitigation and disaster resiliencego hand-in-hand. 2016-09-14T09:50:25Z The first version of Disaster Risk Management Plan for the CoT has been structured in such a way as to address the requirements of a Level 1 D�"�! If your community experiences a disaster, be sure to register on the American Red Cross Safe and Well website to let your family and friends know you are safe. Other sources of information It is essential to remember the … It will bounce back faster. A structured template “Community Emergency Plan” has been created to assist communities to develop their own plan and can be adapted as appropriate. �B�!"T!B�J�!BD!B�!B�!B�!B�.�!B�J��!B�!B�$B�!B��!B�!BT$J�Є!B��!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B�!B�!��! A community that follows these three mitigation approaches and also makes use of hazard and other types of insurance that are available will be more resilient the next time disaster strikes. �!qBYJ���!\���D!B��!quB�"T!B�!�B����!J�%t��AB��)5]eKeۤ�B6J��W.��! Producing (and exercising) your plan will enhance community resilience. ��!��"B��%J��B��B��!B!B�]#�+�\B��D�Eйt!J��HJ�!".�uB�!!B�!*K��W�!-�u�)AE�P�! ,�!JBKYB���$�d!B��]dd!uB��!\B�$B��!BK��B�!"[�뫈B�"�'!B�q@B�!*�!B�%��! �!B�%B�! The purpose of this manual template is to aid Community Health Centers (CHCs) in developing and maintaining an emergency management plan that guides their response to all hazards. (2;4222;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@@@@;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@�� Q�� � " "��� Each of the Six Steps includes content relevant for the Disaster Plan. .���!H��up�BD!"���$%HP���!)�"�!BP�!B�]Y-�u�!BD�B�! "T!B� R!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!"T�\(B�!\B�! Disaster resilient organisations can continue to provide services to people in the community despite the crisis and protect the wellbeing of staff and volunteers. Disaster Preparedness Plan: Build a Basic Survival Kit. %PDF-1.7 Microsoft Word - community_emergency_plan_template.doc 2016-09-14T10:50:30+01:00 COMMUNITY DISASTER AND REFERRAL PLAN 3 Community Disaster and Referral Plan-Northwest Iowa Abuse 1. A good disaster plan is comprehensive and a product of an extensive risk assessment processes and procedures. Pre-Disaster Recovery. Don’t make this more complicated than it is, and don’t mistake niceties for necessities. �!B���B� J�R�B�Y*���!B��!Bt]B�$(%%�e�P�!�D]v�9��!ut�st]Fd!E� E����! The emergency response plan identifies the threats that are most likely in your community (such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts, cyberattacks, terrorist attacks), specifies measures and equipment to address specific emergencies, and spells out emergency procedures for the disaster event. �$!H^`�!B��!B��!B�.!B�!B�!B�$J�*�!B�!B�!uB�!B�!B��!BP�!B��!BD.�B�B�!B�!H�!�B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B�!B�!B�!�B�!"�! You can use this template to detail key contact information, disaster recovery teams, and emergency alert and activation measures dealing with a disaster … A useful starting point for writing your own Disaster Plan is the Disaster Plan Template that you can find in the 'Downloads' section below and throughout the Six Steps. �"���!"T!qB!B��!J�!BD%B�! This template does help design ideas for managing the recovery process following any disaster. It is just one way of planning within your community. �"�B�BT�B�!B�!�K��B�!�B�$J�B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��P��!H�*,���!BP��!Id�B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��BP�!"d.�B�$J�!B��!Id%H��!B���!B�qB�$J��qB�*WP�!J�qqBdY*�t!_���$!H^`�!B�!B�. �!v�B�"�d!_�ֶ�FU1���_�U��DZ:��I���a%���ߕ�sO�Y��շ#����H}��E�W�=��Ťj�nK@�)q��+¬����R4��8\���YF|)�i�lC\���ZjFI��p=G1�Be�#T�^�PP�{�W,�!I]\B�!B�!B�!H�"�!BT�B�!*�!BD!*�! *�!B�B��AB�!B�!B�!B� R!B�!B�!B.�!AB P�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!BP�!B�!B�!B�"T!B�!B�!B��!B�!B��!B�!B%B�!"�B�!B��!"T!qB!*D!BR%H��P�!BRP�! Family Disaster Plan Template – Bear in mind that disaster management and planning does not concern businesses and organizations, but also households. �",�! P�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B�.!B%H��!BT!B�!\B�! This is why you as a business owner or an owner of a company should know everything there is to know about disaster recovery plans and making a disaster recovery plan template. (2;4222;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@@@@;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ $2(! endstream A Sample Disaster Response Plan This sample plan serves as a starting point for Hartsville District churches which are developing plans for disaster response. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Font<>>>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792]/ArtBox[ 0 0 612 792]/TrimBox[ 0 0 612 792]/Contents 28 0 R /Parent 2 0 R /Type/Page/Rotate 0/CropBox[ 0 0 612 792]/PieceInfo<>/DocumentID(�� x m p . Identify your community’s emergency plan. d i d : 7 4 8 4 7 c 4 6 - 2 a c 4 - 4 2 0 d - b f 9 6 - d 1 7 8 b c e 7 f 4 a 8)/PageUIDList<0 9997>>/LastModified(�� D : 2 0 1 8 1 2 0 4 1 6 0 6 2 5 Z)>>>>/Tabs/S/LastModified(D:20181204144712-05'00')/Group 29 0 R >> Arrange meetings of community members through the development Community Disaster Preparedness committee or through another civic association for example the Civil Society Networks in each of the 14 Municipal Corporations and work together to develop a community disaster preparedness plan in your respective community. uuid:051d51ee-6c2d-bd44-9e4d-b64c152c4f1d Plan Template at Appendix 3, Example Flood Evacuation Plan at Appendix 3 and the Flood Evacuation Plan Assessment & Approval Form (against which Flood Evacuation Plans will be assessed) at Appendix 4. As you develop a specific plan for your congregation and your community, you may n�� ]$).���B�� Emergency Management Plan Adapting the template to the organization will take time. endobj "T!B� R.�!B�!B�!B�!J�!BD!�B�!B�!B�!B�.!B�!B��P�!B�!B�!]B�!B��!"R�(B�!\B�$J�!B!*�!H�t���!HT%\]B! R!B�!Bt!B�"�B��B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!��!B�!B�!B�!r�B�!B�!B�!B��!B�.!B�!B�!E��!B�!B,�!�B��BP�!Kd�J��J�$��\R!�B��E�K��B����$!H^`�!B��!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!H�"�!B�!B�!B���B�!B�!(B�!B�!B�.�B�!B�!\B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!uB�!B�!"T���B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B��!BD���!B�!B�!B�!%�P�! �\��!BB��!B��!B��B��B,�!B�"��!B�! When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared to respond swiftly and efficiently. Word �"�!] @HQt!B��#�T!B!-��]Bd!B�!Bd!BD�B�!"�B.�! The Disaster Plan is Planning for disasters leads to organisational preparedness and readiness in anticipation of an emergency or disasters. Community Recovery Committee What this template does not include. �%w�]�各!qd�N"Ⱥ,�!�"˲%E��!".�W$��]B�%"E�!Bt]"P�!B�!BT]B�! (Refer to module 8 of your workbook for assistance.) "E� ,��!H�!B�$)P�!BD!uB�!B�%E�Y\B�%BNB�!BP�!B�!B�!B�!*��!%��"�!H��B��B�!B�.YB��Y�B�!AB�!*��! �\��� The following document serves as a template to assist your long-term care organization to plan and prepare to meet the needs of both your residents and staff in the event of a disaster/emergency. �B���]%Є! Houses of Worship & Schools. n��.�v�B���$�.���!-�B�5� P��! COMMUNITY DISASTER AND REFERRAL PLAN 3 Community Disaster and Referral Plan for North Mississippi Area Part 1: Referral List Pregnancy Centers 1. %���� 2016-09-14T10:50:30+01:00 �"�!B�!B�!B�!B�!%Ҡ�B�ȲT!qB����,�!B.�!B�!B����$!H^`�!B��!B�!B�*�!B�!B�!B��B�!B�!BT!B�$J�.�B��P�!BD!�B� �uB�!B�!\B�!B�!B��!B�!B�!qB�!B�!B�Є!B�!BD%B���! H�2P��*�2гT0�35W0 R& Google Docs Microsoft Word Apple Pages. Organize your response using the information collected about the needs and resources in your community. The Community Preparedness Toolkit provides step-by-step directions along with useful resources for making your community, safer, more resilient, and better prepared. Use pages 21-24 of this plan template to organize staffing, volunteers, and facility operations. *���mݶ���Ts1jg��^�h;���l�k�ƨ5#�BB ��UY���.�n��?c�7����}z�j��d�D��wb������ӓ7�:�R_����c|�1dx������x�����W�?Uq FCC-Family Crisis Centers PO Box 295 Sioux Center, IA 51250 … 6 0 obj One of the most important steps in creating a disaster preparedness plan is the survival kit. J�!Bd%B�퐄!"�*d!\�-��YB%%�Er���! JD!qB�!B�!]B�$I�*��!B�!B���$!H^`�!B��!B��!B�!B�!�B�!B�$J��B�!B�! A basic plan template and supporting document files should be sufficient for managing most emergency situations. �"�! d�B.�!! You will find notes (in boxes) with further suggestions for your con-sideration. �B�!B��!EЕ�B�(]B��B�!B�!J�B��!B�!���$(8f3(۴�6;��S�H#B����YqB�!B��!B�!B�!B�$J�!B!B�!B�!J�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!BP�!H�B�!B��!B��!B�!B�!B�!B�! 1 0 obj Plan, track, and manage a disaster that affects the payroll process of your organization and hinders normal HR operations. ���B�B�!J�!B!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�! In the event of a disaster, listen to local radio and television. A Community Emergency Plan is a tool you can use to help you prepare for the emergencies that could affect your community. Acrobat PDFMaker 15 for Word x�[ɮ���Wp�o�R�,ְT���A^(m+R��bw�q����!k��*ԥ[���w&Y�Y}�~VZ�֎�gG�zS[cԠ��{�Q�U}T���hu��&������M��\W�v�������V����r�!�_ԫ�Q+��o�A=��?�WG��K⌫u? Coordinate with corporate PR. &'()*789:EFGHIJTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������� ? There are examples given to help you fill the template. ]B����B�!J4H�qB�DY��B��BU�]B� �PR.�!B�.��B�!B�%B�!E�� W�! <>stream How much time will depend on the planning that has already taken place. B�$E��%��!B��A��$�T! This template for creating a community recovery plan does not include details on specific tasks for each type of disaster. Citizen Corps is FEMA's grassroots strategy to bring together government and community leaders to involve citizens in all-hazards emergency preparedness and resilience. 103 Figure 10 An example of disaster risk management plan (See Kafle, 2005; Kafle and Koirala, 2004) 113 Figure 11 Flood early warning system 117 Figure 12 Sources of funding for community-owned disaster fund list of tables 19 Table 1 Community Identification Matrix 26 Table 2 Areas of Analysis for Local Authorities Unlimited Downloads of 100,000+ Ready-Made, Designs, Documents & Templates Similar Templates. Become a Pro Plus Member. ��B��J�uB�!B�!B�!H����! The Pregnancy Center of Oxford 295 County Rd 101, Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 234-4414 Summary of services: The Pregnancy Center of Oxford is a pregnancy resource facility that offers free confidential services, including: pregnancy testing, … application/pdf this community emergency plan template provides an outline of the key information plans should include. <>>>/Length 66/Filter/FlateDecode/BBox[ -1 793 615.9 550.78]/Subtype/Form/Group 8 0 R >>stream The Community Preparedness Toolkit can be used to develop a community-based approach to preparedness, such as a Citizen Corps Council. �$(BE��!J��HP��!��)H��!BB�!B�!�B�%H�qqB� P��!B��!Bd!B�!]��!B�! The following files contain information on the Small Community Emergency Response Plan: Small Community Emergency Response Plan Template (PDF only): This template shows you the non-customized version of the plan, which is designed for a weather … You may wish to tailor your approach to better suit the needs of your community. If local officials or community leaders ask you to evacuate your neighbourhood, follow the routes and go to the location specified. "�B��J�!B �uB�%@\\B� �*D !B�.��B%B�!B�"�B�! Use the chart on page 20 of this plan template to address the needs in your community. ���� Adobe d �� ' "'''''",////,7;;;7;;;;;;;;;; $2(! 5 0 obj By using this template, you can come up with a disaster plan that suits your family. `t-������cO��$}z���y��lg��Y�&��c�5n��n�ug��$���".�:7x�Ƅ, Microsoft Word - community_emergency_plan_template.doc. If present, the current organization plan can be cut and pasted into the template. <> .��!Bt�\B��$���퐄!" Special thanks are also extended to the American Red Cross, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters When you plan your Community Health Center Emergency Information Hotline, consider whether you will use an existing phone line, or whether you will install a designated line. Designing a solid disaster response plan will make it easier for you to be sure that your residents are taken care of and that your neighborhood is back to normal as soon as possible following an emergency. !B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��B�%BD�B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B�!B��!B�!B�!�B� R.�!B�!B�!B�!B�!B��!B�!B�!�B�!B�!B�!B��!B�!B�!B�$J��B�!\B�!B�!B�!B��B�!B�!B�!B�!BK"�P�YB6HB�"��B�ݑeݑeۤ�BvE�vHB.�!\YKd.�BY*Pd]B�]Y�B��$J���!Id�$]��!E�BRR]qB���JR.�B%B��! EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN For This plan was adapted from best-practice guidelines suggested by FEMA, SEMA, the Governor’s Faith Based and Community Service Partnership for Disaster Recovery and the San Francisco CARD with much gratitude. J�!B�!��!B�!B�!B P�!BD%H�!B�"�!B���!B�!B�!uB��\B�$BT�B�!"T.��! �"�! endobj Included are policies, procedures, and forms needed to create a comprehensive plan. d i d : 2 d 8 8 c 0 a 1 - 4 6 3 2 - 4 8 f 1 - 8 9 5 7 - 5 d 0 b 2 1 e 7 1 1 7 d)/OriginalDocumentID(�� x m p . Or, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) and select the prompt for "Disaster" to register yourself and your family. here] Community Emergency Plan Plan last updated on: DD/MM/YYYY How to use this template: This template is designed for you to fill in the details of your community emergency preparations. 9 0 obj ��B�*�!B�!v�B�!E��!B�!H��W�!B��! A community association's emergency plan should be reviewed by experts (such as local police chief) and presented to and approved by the association's board.

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