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For any queries feel free to contact us at, Alternatively, Click Here to contact the Just Plain Hunting Team, © 2019 Copyright Just Plain Hunting. A .243 Win is adequate but requires good shot placement. Rams mature at 3 years. Weight 70Kg (M) 61Kg (f) Shoulder Height: 95cm (M) 95cm (F) Mating Season: April / may. THIS A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN full shoulder mount of a BLESBOK from SOUTH AFRICA. A characteristic of the blesbok is the prominent white blaze on the face, separated by a brown band above the eyes. AWESOME AFRICAN BLESBOK - TROPHY SIZE HORNS = Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi THANKS, for looking at my Listing ! Toll Free 1(888) HUNT-SCI. With both sexes carrying horns, care must be taken when hunting blesbok to ensure that you take the animal of choice. Female: Approximately 58 to 64 kg . Chef's thoughts. Usually one lamb is born any time … Hunting in Africa safari prices and African hunting trips that will exceed your every African hunting desire for plains game and African dangerous game hunting. Plains game hunting in Africa safaris allows for a wide selection of trophy plains game animals to be hunted during a single African hunting safari trip. Click here for the full list of Rowland Ward MIN/MAX RECORDS, Here is a link to SCI’s Online Record Book, Method 1 For most animals with simple horns, Method 5  For common wildebeest and takin, Click Here for more info regarding The CIC Trophy Evaluation System (TES), Just Plain Hunting is a subsidiary of Fourth and South. Blesbok: 90 135: 300: 350: 400: 425: 300 ... Trophy fees for most species have stabilised and some declined significantly with a few increasing over the years. THIS A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN full shoulder mount of a BLESBOK from SOUTH AFRICA. A truly unique trophy to add to your collection, the prehistoric-looking Nile crocodile is best hunted from a blind while he’s out on a riverbank. A trophy croc can reach around 15 feet. As available water is essential to this specie, hunting blesbok near the approaches to water holes can prove productive. AWESOME, Looking AFRICAN BLESBOK - TROPHY SIZE . The blesbok lives on the open plains of the South African highveld. Blesbok Antelope are native to South Africa where they prefer the open plains. In assessing the trophy, remember that the cow’s horns tend to be longer and will often out-score the bull. Compare. Chef's thoughts . Two weeks, two hunting areas and seven incredible plains game trophies. THIS A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN full shoulder mount of a White BLESBOK from SOUTH AFRICA. African Sky Hunting Adventures (PTY) Ltd. South African Measuring Method: 15,750 inches (40,005 cm) Beautiful Self Catering accommodation on 2000ha Game Farm. Blesbok weighs around 140 pounds. AWESOME and RARE White AFRICAN BLESBOK - TROPHY SIZE HORNS = Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi THANKS, for looking at my listing ! HORNS!! Blesbok (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi). Origin: South Africa Horn Size: 15-20 inches Weight: 121-176 pounds Estimated World Population: 240,000 Ox Ranch Population: 30+ Previously on the brink of extinction, the Blesbok antelope … Antelope Taxidermy Mount - African Blesbok Handsome African Blesbok taxidermy shoulder mount. The name blesbok directly translated from Afrikaans is bold “bles” Buck “bok” due to the white bald patch on the front of their heads. From Vaalwater and Thabazimbi boma. Blesbok Hunting in South Africa. The contrast between the dark brown hair and the white face is phenomenal. Blesbok Hunting Season: Blesbok keep their horns year round, which makes them a superior trophy to be hunted any time of the year! Adult ewes will also be more pricy when sold … The classic trophy to many is a flaring bull with solid white tips. Trophy Blesbuck are hunted in the Free State, Eastern Cape, North West and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa. He sometimes shakes his head violently, stamps and runs in a complete circle only to resume his original place. The vitals of most African plains game sit further forward in their chest cavity than American big game. Blesbok Hunting Methods. Posts: 1,166. kudu/blesbok … Recent trophy records for bontebok are: Rowland Ward: 16,750 inches (42,545 cm); Safari Club International: 47,500 points. The blesbok is both farmed and hunted for the skin, meat, and trophy. Picking the same animal in a herd only happens with good communication between hunting guide and hunter. Music by Epidemic sound Blesbok Hunting Trophy Fee: $6,500 *Field Dressing Included *100% Opportunity Guarantee *Transportation of your Animal This hunting package combines South Africa's two most popular hunting areas as a backdrop to pursue the likes of kudu, impala, blesbok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, zebra and springbok. A roast from the leg of Blesbok is a top pick for even the most discriminating palate. Huntershill offers a unique hunting experience in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Africa is the survival of the fittest. Blesbok are herd animals and congregate close together when threatened. Fax 1(520) 622-1205 Rowland Ward, the trophy buck measurement standard adopted worldwide, and South Africa’s own Hunters Confederation of South Africa, has a minimum requirement of 16,5 inches for a blesbok trophy. Blesbok males (Rams) are stockier and more robustly built and they also weigh more than ewes (females). Behaviour . On the open plains of the South African Highveld dwells the unique species by the name of the Blesbok. When hunting a Trophy Blesbuck, they can be found in the Grass plains with sufficient water. The Blesbok is an antelope native to South Africa. The bases are about Blesbok trophy hunting pictures. As with many small to medium size antelope, this meat is low in fat, high in protein, and a very tender cut of meat. Its sheer size, large and impressive horns sweeping back and hooking forward makes it a very desirable trophy. Add to cart. These grazers are known to group themselves into herds consisting of females called ewes and their juveniles as the males referred to as rams have a tendency of remaining unaccompanied. Wall hanger is attached. Hunting a Trophy Blesbuck ‹ › × × Previous Next. Body colour is brown with a lighter-coloured saddle on the back, and the rump an even lighter shade. Whether you're a hunter, a collector, a sportsman or a nature lover, we have a taxidermy mounted specimen that is right for your collection. Primarily a grazer, the Common Blesbok favors the open plains but is adaptable and also does very well in more bushy terrain. Primarily grazers, they form herds consisting of females (ewes) and juveniles, while the males (rams) tend to be solitary. The hunting areas included are as diverse as they are rewarding, from the open plains of the Free State to the thickets of the bushveld. Trophy Hunting Blesbok. This 7 day hunt for one hunter include the trophy fees for Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, and Common Springbok. © Copyright .1998 - 2019. Feb 17, 2019 - Explore Jennifer Grube's board "Taxidermy mounts" on Pinterest. A characteristic of the blesbok is the prominent white blaze on the face and a horizontal brown strip which divides this blaze above the eyes. Rank Inch cm Locality Year Source . See more ideas about taxidermy mounts, taxidermy, taxidermy display. per day per … While hunting blesbok in the bush, you may want to select a heavy-for-caliber round nose bullet. which peak in size during the autumn rut period, and will inhabit home ranges away from those of territorial males and their associated harem herd (consisting of up to 25 females) (Novellie 1975; Skinner & Chimimba 2005). Many of these species are sold on a sliding scale depending on their size, age and trophy quality. Mass . Second in size only to the eland, the roan antelope is a rare and much-desired trophy animal that is now more widespread as a result of ranching. Exotics Trophy fee; Blesbok: $5,500: $300 Daily Rate Package. Blesbok captured in the Limpopo Region. The horns, are about, 15 1/2 inches long. Feb 10, 2019 - Explore John Grimsley's board "Trophy Mount Ideas" on Pinterest. Lower legs … The mean, natural, annual population growth is 30%, ranging from 18-55% “..taxidermy by the Experts of Animal Artistry, in Reno NV. Includes: Private Lodging, Meals,Stocked Bar, Snacks, Guide Fee, Field Dressing & Trophy … Seen by many as the perfect trophy for a hunter’s first plains game hunt. Blesbok and Bontebok differ not only in colouration, but also in social structure, whereby Bontebok maintain the same herd structure throughout the year, while Blesbok … Method 12 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)For African Buffalo and Brindled Gnu or Wildebeest. How To Measure Your Trophies When it comes to measuring trophy size, there are primarily two well known and recognized organizations that each have their own methods of measuring trophies. The blesbok is a medium-sized antelope with a prominent white blaze on the face. 1. Trophy hunting is defined as killing wild animals for their body parts, such as head and hide, ... such as horn or antler size. Blesbok only occur naturally in South Africa making them a rather sought after trophy. Although the blesbok and bontebok are closely related, the horns of the latter are smaller. It was once one of the most abundant antelope species of the African plains, but Blesbok … Rowland Ward (XXVII edition 2006) Minimum qualifying value = 16 1 / 2" (41.91 cm) Measuring method 7 . Main 1(520) 620-1220. It is a unique opportunity for any enthusiastic Bow and Rifle trophy hunter. Weight: approx 9 lbs. Its historic range includes the Eastern Cape, Free State, southern parts of the former Transvaal, marginally in KwaZulu-Natal along the upper reaches of the Tugela River and into Lesotho, west of the Maluti Mountains. The best time for hunting blesbok is while they are grazing in the morning or late afternoon. Blesbok Trophy Fees: Blesbok: $6,000 *In addition to the trophy fee there is a All inclusive $200 per day fee, which covers guide, lodging, 3 meals per day, all beverages, transportation on the ranches, skin & quarter trophy, cold storage, fishing in our multiple stock ponds. For Specific Rowland Ward Measuring Instructions by Method, see below: Specific Measuring Instructions (Africa), click here* (PDF format). Skull and Horns on Plaque Overall Size: W. 10″ D. 6″ H. 28″ Reviews … The package includes a blesbok, impala and blue wildebeest. Judging Trophy Gemsbok in Africa. The trophy should stand out in the herd. The rams … Here you can hunt a variety of plains game, and predator species – like Leopard hunts with experienced Bushman trackers! INCLUDING TROPHY SIZE ANIMALS: Kudu, blesbok, impala, wildebeest, common springbuck, duiker INCLUDE EITHER: - a morning fishing offshore - an afternoon bird shooting = 3950 USD FATHER & SON ADVENTURE 7 day / 8 nights (2 on 1 guiding) INCLUDING TROPHY SIZE ANIMALS: 1 kudu, 2 impala, 1 warthog, 1 wildebeest, 2 common springbuck INCLUDE EITHER: Fig (illustration): blesbok growth with age . The taxidermy quality of this mount is EXCELLENT. Their mass can be as much as 85 kg. Both bucks and doe Blesbok have horns, the bucks are identifiable by their greater mass. This beautiful antelope is mounted upright, alert and looking straight forward. The legs are brown with a white patc… Hunting a Trophy … The size of the trophy will change the price of the animal. Overall Size: W. 10″ D. 6″ H. 28″ 1 in stock. Your blesbuck ram trophy should have an average shoulder height of around 35 inches, weigh about 130 pounds and have a horn length of approximately 13 - 15 inches.The Safari Club International score for a blesbok is 31.This is measured by adding the length of each horn as well as the … See more ideas about taxidermy, taxidermy mounts, trophy. All other game available as per current price list. The taxidermy quality of this mount is EXCELLENT. American hunters can rely on their favorite whitetail deer rifle when hunting blesbok. Physically, rams and ewes are remarkably similar. Any expanding design bullet of 100gr for .243 and 130gr for .270 will be effective on Blesbok: Hunting Tips: Male horns noticibly thicker and when viewed front-on appear light in colour (this is due to lighter colouration of the ridges). The legs are brown with a white patch behind the top part of the front legs. Here you can get info regarding trophy sizes, measurement techniques and records from the leading record books. There is now roughly 3 times … Blesbok are amongst the most popular plains game that can be hunted in South Africa. Both sexes carry horns. Ships free! also I'd expect "trophy" size animals to be more mature, & likely a bit "chewier" than a young animal... just thinking, we have a couple wild game feeds around here through out the year, & I don't ever remember seeing African plains game meat ever at one of the feeds . It takes an experienced Professional Hunter or tracker who has seen a lot of gemsbok in the field and on the ground to have a good grasp of horn length. (horns measure 13.5") Hunting Package. Hunt twelve highly sought-after plains game species - including popular pursuits like blesbok, kudu and impala - over three truly epic weeks. The trophy quality of a bull is determined by good bases, a steep rise forming a "bell" and tips either pointing straight up or flaring outwards. Size: 35 1/2" tall x 12" wide x 21" deep. Share: Description Reviews (0) Description. List of Official Rowland Ward measurers click here. Hunting Blesbok on the open plains can be challenging as they have excellent eyesight and shots can be long. There is a horizontal brown stripe dividing that blaze above the eyes. The blesbok lives on the open plains of the South African … A roast from the leg of Blesbok is … Sandveld Game Ranch is 160,000 acres in size, owned by The Cilliers family. Because of our management and breeding success, Star S Ranch has record class trophy hunting. Blesbuck prefer sweet grassveld but will survive sufficiently on sour areas. Blesbok Antelope are native to South Africa where they prefer the open plains. It was interesting to see that even as far back as 1981 Rhinos were sold as a “Price on Request” (POR) species. Handsome trophy horns Some of the rams sold by Donnie have horns of at least 17 inches, which are trophy-sized. Like ... Blesbok trophy fees are normally pretty low (usually in the $400-600 range). A small white blaze on the forehead and a larger blaze below is usually divided between the eyes. We Believe “Man has the right to enjoy the fruits of creation, and hunting is one of his ways and means. The average bull taken when Waterbuck hunting with us measures 28-29″. Hunting gemsbok requires a good pair of boots, as you are apt to cover a lot of country. This once near-extinct antelope has been reintroduced on the game farms of southern Africa and boasts a population somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. If he does not go down, he will not go far. Blesbok Hunting Season: Blesbok keep their horns year round, which makes them a superior trophy to be hunted any time of the year! Hunting a free-range waterbuck can be very challenging. The bases are about 6" … Origin: South Africa Horn Size: 15-20 inches Weight: 121-176 pounds Estimated World Population: 240,000 Ox Ranch Population: 30+ Previously on the brink of extinction, the Blesbok antelope is thriving here at Ox Ranch! Blesbok: Sacrificed for Trophy Hunting? Gemsbok are difficult to judge trophy size, especially when they are alone. The blesbok shares a common behavioral characteristic with his cousin the bontebok - that of standing together with heads facing toward the sun and faces low to the ground. AWESOME AFRICAN BLESBOK - TROPHY SIZE HORNS = Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi THANKS, for looking at my Listing ! Blesbok Plains Game Hunt. Tag: Blesbok Skull & Horns. # 2 : THANKS, for looking at my listing ! When you decide to hunt a blesbok you may want to consider hunting a white blesbok as they make strikingly different trophies once mounted by the taxidermist. The Blesbok’s distribution is restricted to the Republic of South Africa. The beauty and artistry of an outstanding taxidermy trophy is our passion. What is your average trophy size of Blesbok taken in South Africa when hunting with you? Worldwide free range hunting including aoudad, red stag, big horn, mule deer, ibex, marco polo, cape buffalo and more! Blesbok and Bontebok differ not only in colouration, but There is much use of both the Afrikaans language and English … Trophy hunting. This is due to supply and demand with over 1,300 registered commercial game ranchers managing over 20 million head of game.

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