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The Pentax 645D has an RRP of £8999.99 for the camera body alone, or just shy of £10,000 to buy it along with the brand new D-FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AF (IF) SDM AW lens. Naturally, you'll want the fastest card and reader you can find to copy the RAW files to a computer, since their size ranges from 50 to 70MB each. The four buttons on the left have some interesting functions, including adding a RAW shot to the next image, setting what kind of file you're recording on each of the 645D's two SD cards, and selecting a bracketing mode (you hold down the button and use the front dial to choose the mode, with the rear dial adjusting the magnitude). Pentax 645D Review In the Photography world, 35mm, or "full frame" is the standard by which nearly all cameras are judged. Available in Japan since May 2010, the medium format Pentax 645D digital SLR attracted strong demand in that market from 645 owners who'd patiently waited through the development process, and were finally rewarded with the combination of mighty resolution and a weather-sealed medium format body. Bottom line, this is pretty much of a non-issue, unless your business is photographing test charts. The Pentax 645Z was revolutionary upon its release. The Pentax 645D has a native sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 1600. Left and right of the viewfinder are dials for the focus mode and AF point mode. We call attention to this mainly to save on bandwidth: Someone would be bound to notice the issue on the VFA chart eventually and note it on an internet forum, after which thousands of other people would hit our server, downloading multiple 20-MB files to see whether they could see it or not. Auto-area AF mode raises the time to a still impressive 0.180 second. We did a nearly full test suite on the Pentax 645D, including timing. Shutter speed ranges from 1/4,000 to 30 seconds plus bulb (with noise reduction after 30 seconds), where the APS-C models have a maximum 1/8,000 second shutter speed. Among the more obvious buttons are buttons like the Custom image button second from left below the Rear LCD. That's great for photographers who also work off-tripod. It also sports a unique pop-up flash, which the 645D does not. (Click to enlarge to 800px; click again for full size, but get ready!). ISO 200 shots are also quite good printed at 36x48. In the end I bought six lenses online, all from Japan-based dealers on eBay. We didn't think so. Posted on Nov 16, 2011 •, 5 images • This rating puts the 645D below average of all digital single lens reflex cameras.In terms of its sensor … Hopefully the above examples will save all of you the time and our servers the bandwidth. Only one notable function really appears may be absent for the Pentax 645D's target market: like all of Pentax's recent models, the 645D lacks any provision for tethered shooting. Given that the Pentax 645D is out of the realm of cameras we normally test, we went back and forth on whether to do a full image analysis, but we've decided to go forward. Should I buy a new Pen F or a new OMD EM-1 Mk III? Pentax Q7 Review Samples: 30 images Jul 3, 2013 Pentax MX-1 Review Gallery: 27 images Jul 1, 2013 Olympus Tough TG-2 Review Samples: 29 images Jun 28, 2013 Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Preview Samples ... Pentax 645D preview samples: 5 images Dec 4, 2010 Nikon D7000 Review Samples: 37 images Nov 30, 2010 Canon Powershot S95 Review Samples: 34 images Nov 17, 2010 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 … To get rid of the existing stock of the 645D models, the … High ISO performance is also quite good from the 645D, which is not too surprising given its 6 micron pixel pitch. Weight is evenly distributed, and though the bulk of the body surrounds the mirror box, it's a largely hollow space, which helps offset the weight of the lens. The Pentax 645D is a colossal beast of a camera. We will now take a look at various image quality parameters, as well as a look at how much (or little) depth of field you get with a medium format camera. ISO 1,600 shots take the first (and last) noticeable hit in quality, requiring more noise suppression.

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